How to Blow Dry and Flat Iron Curly Hair Straight

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  1. Jonathan Sanchez says:

    Do u put any type argon oil maybe after ur done?

  2. jazzy hicks says:

    I NEED HLPi hve a relaxer in my hair but i havent got it done in a while so
    were my hair has grew bck is really curly(i hve thick curly hair,im
    mixed)but school is fixn to start bck and i want it to b flat like tht for
    school!!my hairdresser can get it flat like tht but im goin to do it by
    myslf this time

  3. MariyahForever says:

    thats a really good blow dryer

  4. kiannakutie says:

    do you do anything to it at night to keep it nice for the next day?

  5. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    At the time of this video her hair was not relaxed:)

  6. Cutegot2luvya says:

    Plz Make More Hair Tips And How To Vids!! :D They Are Really, Really,
    Seriously Helpful…:)

  7. Tacos2332 says:

    @favatat thank you ! And also is it ok to use a different deep conditioner
    then the brand of shampoo / conditioner ? I’m trying to stay away from
    sulfates since they make your hair thin supposedly.

  8. Janet Cortorreal says:

    you are too amazing love it :) .

  9. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    You might want to look into getting a relaxer or a Karatin Treatment:)

  10. Mamasita5678 says:

    No offense (and I’m not trying to be racist) but when I first saw that your
    were of Caucasian ethnicity, I thought to myself “wow, this is gonna be BAD
    she’s not gonna know ANYTHING about african american hair” but then I saw
    this video and looked back and said, ” why was I subject myself to that?”
    This was a really lovely video, you know your stuff! :)

  11. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    I have been using the “Sultra Sudectress” and its awesome.

  12. jazzy hicks says:

    …..i also dnt hve any products like tht or a brush like tht so wht shuld
    i do?

  13. Jay Abramov says:

    I think then you going over hair 6 times fast is better to go two times
    slowly and you will see result

  14. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    @CarrieIsDaBomb I used a little “Redkin Satinwear” when wet. This should
    last her a week or longer, but she has dry hair and scalp. It really
    depends on your hair and skin for how long you can keep a style before
    washing it. I can’t go more then 2 days, because I have oily skin/scalp.

  15. TheGOSSIPGIRL56 says:

    best video on hair straighting …IT SHOULD HAVE MORE VIEWS!!!:-PP

  16. eemjhbh says:

    She got long hair

  17. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    @TheGOSSIPGIRL56 Thanks:)

  18. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    @CarrieIsDaBomb The products are used to protect the hair from the heat
    styling and also to give it a smooth and shiny finish:)

  19. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    @DrRazzle46 It will, but could take a little longer:)

  20. lilwinterfun1 says:

    haii :) my hair is curly and i have layers and everytime i blow dry it it
    still gets curly at the end of the each layer… can you plz help me :) ))
    thanks btw AMAZING results :D D

  21. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    @chantelleemily Make sure that you are combing your hair though all the way
    before you flat iron it. You could also try running the flat iron through
    just your ends one more time at the end:)

  22. CarrieIsDaBomb says:

    What are the products in her hair for? Btw, how long do you think this
    would last?

  23. lacessamino says:

    Ienjoyed watching you work it was very informative and you look like you
    know what you doing. I only have one question though. ((I dont know if this
    has been asked yet LOL)) Uhmmm how is she concentrating on her book with
    her head goin every whichaway? LOL

  24. Hairstylist How-to Channel says:

    @kiannakutie If you want it to last, you can sleep with a “Sleeping hat”
    You can rap it around in your with pins an then put on your hat:)

  25. lilwinterfun1 says:

    @favatat ok thanks

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