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Add me on FACEBOOK: In this video I am discussing a few things that helped me grow my hair and retain length.. Hopefully you find the information helpful.. I have natural or chemical free hair.. I have fine, medium density hair with multiple hair types but majority of it is 4a.. My last relaxer: July 2009 My big chop: November 2009 I hate the whole hair typing system and don’t pay much attention to it.. I use whatever product I want based on how my hair reacts to it. In this video, my hair is in an old braid out.. I did my braids on freshly washed hair, let it air dry until it was 85-90% dry, and used the argan oil eco styler gel along with sweet almond oil to do my braids. I wore the braids to bed, tying it down with a satin scarf. The next morning I just unraveled them. Braid Out Maintenance: Mist hair with water and use sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil to re-braid. How I Moisturize My Hair: My Products Video: Playlist for Different Hairstyles: *NOTE* I will make another video discussing how often to wash your hair.. I purposely did not discuss that topic in this video.. Eyeshadow Info: Goldilux by sugarpill cosmetics ————- How I Grew My Hair | Length Retention ~Kerry~
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  1. dillardshawn says:

    Carrie I have subscribed to your channel since you had a twa and my hair was much longer than yours. I follow the rules, but my hair has barely grown over the years and yours is blossoming like wildflowers! I wish I knew what else to do:(.

  2. jiggaawho says:

    Love the brows.

  3. blackdymond23 says:

    Yur Hair is Very Pretty.. Love Jet Black!

  4. blackstarafro2 says:

    black woman with real hair? I knew there was a few of you left.

  5. rubi lee says:

    Wide tooth combs hands down! Thats what helps me deal with my long natural hair. Love ur vids!

  6. jacienz says:

    I remember just at the end of the 1st year after i cut my hair, one of my friends found out that I wash my hair frequently. ( I shampoo about once every 4-6 weeks) and she was very adamant in saying that our hair should not be washed often because we remove the oils, Her head was a total mess, from the time I knew her it was the same length, less than 2 inches, while in the 1st year after I chopped my hair had grown about 11 inches. indeed water is the best moisturizer that the hair needs.

  7. jacienz says:

    I can’t believe that in this day and age there are still people going around saying that water isn’t good for the hair. And then on top of it they spread that nonsense on pages. It’s just amazing how the lie is so much easier to believe than the truth. Ladies the scalp needs to be kept clean in order to thrive, the problem is the harsh shampoos which has a drying effect, when hair is co-washed or rinsed, seal the moisture in with oils or butter or whatever and you’re good to go.

  8. Stephanie Delice says:

    Your hair looks fab , I’m so scared to do the big chop

  9. Chanel Mbakwe says:

    You have done so well – thank you for sharing your journey and you advice too – blessings and best wishes :-)

  10. JEAN SMITH says:

    There now, did that bolster your ego? Do you feel better now that you have repeatedly expressed your imagined racial superiority? The lady chose to share her positive experience with HER hair growth. You cannot rain on her parade or anyone else’s. Miserable little (trolls) such as yourself would do well to learn that. Dismissed

  11. Poetik Alexander says:

    @blueindii get over yourself, and on behalf of all my beautiful natural girls, have several seats (-__-) – _ _ _ _ _

  12. nicknamerkeekee2011 says:


  13. LifeIsAByotch says:

    not everybody wants their hair looking like yours sweetie, but thats cute

  14. JasJeff20 says:

    Hey anyone looking for additional natural hair tips n more check out my channel… Rate, comment n subscribe :-)

  15. CaramelWonderGirl says:

    I’d like to know what exactly IS the typical “black hair.” Please, educate me on what this is as there are many different textures and curl patterns.

  16. anewmeePassion says:

    wow i really love your extreme racial pride AND jealousy of her hair. Go somewhere

  17. Marah Gabereldar says:

    racist much

  18. NaturallyVanee says:

    Hi ladies!! Please check out my Natural Hair channel for additional tips! Thank You :) )))

  19. Michelle nettles says:

    love this…I subb’d

  20. Eyespychica says:

    *excuse my spelling lol I’m on this touch screen typing to fast :-)

  21. Eyespychica says:

    @Blueindii water only open the cuticle. If a persn wets their hair (ultimately opening their hair’s cuticle) then the hydration level depletes. The hair being in a curl already doesn’t allow the cuticle to stay completely closed. Our hair is dryer naturally because we don’t produce as much oil. No on is trying to be like u when they wet their hair. It helps define their curls. Afro texture was a choise started long ago by us and not an original texture we’re restricted to. :-)

  22. SimplySOoLovely says:

    if her hair is the “course” type and her advice will “not” really help you and your “curly” hair why even watch the video! Naturally curly or kinky hair needs water to be moisturized thats why the first and most important ingredient in a moisturizer is usually WATER! Some prefer a moisturizer..some prefer water…to each is own.

  23. lstchristopher says:

    Very cute!

  24. blueindii says:

    her hair is the “corse” type..i hav naturally curly hair and u shud NOT put water in it bcuz it will indeed dry out..i dont kno about the typical “black hair” bcuz im mixed but i kno about naturally curly hair…PUT IN MOISTERIZER IF DRY…and not the “moisterizer” these other black girls r putting in to make their hair look like mine

  25. Paloma SnatcherCatcher says:

    You are so beautiful, your hair is gorgeous too

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