How I Became a Hair Stylist & How you can too! (My Story) VEDA Day 29

How I Became a Hair Stylist & How you can too!! My Story & Journey to where I am now! Thank You SO Much for watching! Stay in touch! Go Check me out at: FACE…
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  1. Arianna Valadez says:

    How much did you make at the salon 

  2. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thats Awesome!!! Yes such a great plan! :) So glad I did! are you still
    in a salon?

  3. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thanks for watching :)

  4. tmmae100 says:

    Thank you! I have been a hairstylist for 12 years now and I love learning
    more :)

  5. HairStylistHeather says:

    Kayk! I sure will!

  6. ijustloveyou4ever101 says:

    great story. thanks for sharing. :) ))

  7. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thank You!! :)

  8. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Ohh ok! Well good luck on your journey as a hairstylist! :)

  9. tmmae100 says:

    I am not working in a salon right now, I have to transfer my license to the
    state that I live in first :)

  10. Dylan Thompson says:

    How do I find u in Facebook? I’ve watched all of ur videos:)ive been
    married for 1 1/2 ,there isnt many young couples out keeping up
    with y’all. I’m considering beautyschool or nursing bt seem to be more into
    hair. Always Cindy Thompson

  11. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thank Youuu :)

  12. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thanks for the Request!! :)

  13. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Easy!!! I you a flat iron & I go back with them away from my face & kinda
    curl the ends. Might be easier to show you if I did a hair tutorial on
    them? but Thanks!

  14. misaki covington says:

    great story!

  15. Dani Attwood says:

    thank u for making this video!!:) i love ur story…

  16. Leticia Njojiep says:

    I would like an addtional giveaway entry

  17. Sam Varma says:

    How do you style your bangs? They stay perfectly in place and away from
    your face <3 You should see mine..They are all over the place and I HATE IT

  18. TUCKER ZONE says:

    Thank you for sharing your Story Heather ;0)

  19. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thats great! should come work for me :)

  20. tmmae100 says:

    If I lived in the same state I sure would but I live in Texas :)

  21. Sam Varma says:

    yes please, do a hair tutorial. I think it would be helpful :)

  22. tmmae100 says:

    I went to cosmetology school the last two years (full time) during my
    junior and senior year! I loved it and I also was able to work in a salon
    for the last few months of my senior year since I was able to test and get
    my license before I graduated high school :)

  23. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Great to meet you! My Facebook Fan Page is linked above or just look us
    HairStylistHeather. Keep in touch! :) You would love Cosmetology :)

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