Holiday Hair Style #2 : Eva Longoria Inspired

Here is my second holiday style tutorial, hope you guys like it! Check out my side by side pictures on my blog! Check out my Holiday Hair Style #1 : Follow me on Twitter! What I used: -3/4″ Curling Iron -Hairspray -Bobby Pins

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  1. gentot says:

    your my new fave!!! Thanks for sharing’

  2. threesixteenelevenx3 says:

    You’re adorable :) & this is so cute!

  3. Anita Chan says:

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  4. truestyle12 says:

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  5. shahad Fahad says:

    Thank u girl
    Ur vids it is really helpful ^^ :*:*

  6. hkempzter says:

    I love your videos! My hair is thin and short too so I am actually able to achieve your looks! Thank you!

  7. HairGirl247 says:

    @vesper680 That’s cuz I was just starting out two years ago, vids are much shorter now ;)

  8. vesper680 says:

    hairstyle was good i just wished if the video was bit edited

  9. monayembd says:

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  10. missmarocc1 says:

    I also have long hair and I don’t think this is possible for me just because I also have a lot of hair so maybe if you have less hair… Just give it a go ;)

  11. suzy martinez says:

    can it be possible to do this in a long hair

  12. Cassia Cristina says:

    este eu ja fiz ficou otimo amei

  13. Fishtastic4 says:

    Can you please do a tutorial on your make up in this vid? It’s gorgeous :) xx

  14. pellotcraze says:

    Very Cute!! 

  15. Chloe Cady says:

    It’s so pretty and so are you!!!

  16. R Stough says:

    Thats a NASTY curling iron! Get a new one!!!!!

  17. 4jays4 says:

    Adorable and so easy!

  18. TheKnhong says:

    I love your hair :) thank you

  19. allthatdies says:

    love this look.. ur videos are really helpful =] thanks.

  20. jdhuhedytha hihssdj says:

    ohh u knw i like de way dis girl teaches hairstyles its soo simple and easy to understand to try at home…

  21. crazycrizzy123 says:

    I LOVE this hairstyle! I am totally going to try it tonight when I go out! Thank you so much for the awesome video!

  22. Margareth S says:

    you definitely got my thumbs this one is so great and you even dont need a super long hair to do it!

  23. TheGroooar says:

    thats much pricey! @linvalre i just used it and
    its FAB!! A must for anybody nterested in the
    industry! Fantastic for training up to my salon
    staff as well. Thanks for everything. BTW, you
    mispelled the site name. That should be:
    BestHairdressing (d0t) info

  24. KrissyLuvsSkiddlez says:

    loved the casual slap some lip gloss on in the middle xD haha

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