HEAD CASES | Ep 1 – Starting Over

Felicia Leatherwood (@lovingyourhair), celebrity hair stylist and natural hair guru takes on the hair woes of Apryl, who’s tired of having her hair play seco…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. PoeticNonsense says:

    We as black women NEED things like this. We need someone to take their time
    with us and tell us how beautiful we can be with our natural hair. She
    wasn’t offensive and she was truthful with her consultation. YESSSS! I love
    this! I will be tuning in for the next episode. :) Great job! 

  2. buutifuleyes says:

    I love this intervention! I hope a selected woman w/ my type of hair that
    suffers from excessive hair breakage even just from finger detangling or
    that maybe once or twice a yr uses a blow dryer gets advise help. 

  3. CheekyNi says:

    Yes! I love that there is finally a show about natural hair. I think more
    black women should embrace their natural hair. Our hair really sets us
    apart physically from the rest of the world. We’re really the only ones
    with beautiful hair like this. 

  4. Angelique Solanky says:

    this girl is seriously so beautiful and seems sweet. I really hope her
    acting career picks up.

  5. Renee Wright says:

    I was supportive until the stylist made a joke about ALOPECIA and the young
    nappyheaded woman laughed. Alopecia is not something a person can control
    and should not be made fun of. She would not like jokes that referenced her
    dark skin, would she? Smh. 

  6. Janee Hardy says:

    yassssssss honey she slayed and did all of that ! I love this! I will be
    definitely tuning into the next episode.

  7. columbsaki says:

    What a confidence booster this show is! I love it! Can you do one which
    showcases someone with dreadlocks and how to properly care for them? Thanks
    so much!

  8. Chocolately Good says:


  9. Jeanine Finley says:

    Her hair looked great and that was a really easy style, more explanation of
    how she sculpted the hair wouldve been great! Keep the episodes coming,
    I’ll be tuning in. Love the reveals at the end but it wouldve been great
    to see a 360 degree reveal so we can see the end result. Lastly, please
    dont neglect women with Locs on this show. We are part of the natural hair
    community as well but are often left out. 

  10. LaManouchka TheHairLover says:

    {Felicia you are a beautiful and an inspiring human being, the way you talk
    to Apryl is the way we all should talk to each other, especially the
    professionals dealing with intimacy like doctors, beauticians or coaches
    because when someone let you in, you need to respect that and let them know
    how special they are. I can not wait to translate once again your workshop
    at the French Natural Hair Academy in Paris on March 2015. Love}

  11. Tiana C says:

    This was great! I had the pleasure of meeting Felicia Leatherwood at a
    natural hair gathering in Philadelphia last year. She’s very nice,
    down-to-earth and passionate about natural hair care. She kept it real; and
    she’s gorgeous!

  12. DiscoveringNatural says:

    Great episode, looking forward to seeing more.

  13. Tira Masu says:

    Pretty guest. Please list the products used.

  14. Ms M says:

    I LOVE this. It’s great to see Felicia Leatherwood on air!

  15. D wan says:

    i love Felicia, I met her at a hair gathering…shes really this warm
    spirit that shows up on the screen….. more of these episodes please

  16. Dawn Murrel says:

    Love this …so many woman who have gone natural need to see they are not
    alone on this journey . Great Show.

  17. Maya Jones says:

    YASSSS. This is an awesome channel. I love this and I will be subscribing! 

  18. pwincessdimplez says:

    I love this!!!!! A show that’s relevant and much needed 

  19. Shakira White says:

    A little longer next time please! I loved this and that style is beautiful!

  20. Coils & Glory says:

    I wish I could get a similar treatment! This is a great episode

  21. queen7123 says:

    I have breakage in my nape area too : (

  22. DeJuana Marie says:

    Lol, it is some maintenance, but it was loc it or cut it again… I like
    the short look better.. I’m tender headed!! Her hair looks pretty…

  23. The PrettDee Life says:

    Excellent and right on time. Brava! Hope to see one with a loced sista
    represented as well!

  24. Keke B says:

    ms. Felicia I wish you could help me. after i wash my hair it gets so hard
    and matted and when I go to get it braided that comb feels like a rake

  25. kelley briana says:

    I love you, Issa Rae! Your content is thought provoking, funny and helpful!
    We need more sisters like you!

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