Frozen Play Doh Hair Salon Elsa and Anna Disney Frozen Vintage Play Dough Hair Cuts DisneyCarToys

Frozen Elsa and Anna Disney Frozen Hair Salon featuring vintage Play Doh hair by DisneyCarToys. The Frozen Disney Princess Anna and Elsa doll toys in this video have color changing gowns. The…
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  1. Jeri Carney says:

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    uhhhdhydjfdixgvxhxmgxjxbgxjxnxgxjxbxhcbffjcncncmcjvncjvnvjjdbnxb I got your
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  2. Hrisi Perri says:

    I like when Elsa fros the boy hark

  3. golam chowdhury says:
  4. Gheelda Attaban says:

    I have that at my cousin’s house

  5. Marcus Penny says:

    Elas&onna you did a great job!!!

  6. Marco Gonzalez says:


  7. Sadiya Ajmal says:



  8. arisha Hussain says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:o

  9. Freddy Medrano says:

    I love you Angela Fowler

  10. SMILE says:

    Haha I like the part when Ana said you tell me you should open a ice cream
    shop XD

  11. Scarlett Rolls says:


  12. Zuzanna Rotuska says:

    I like it it’s fun

  13. cosplayitachigirl says:

    So funny

  14. Layla Miller says:

    I use to have that pinkie pie vanity

  15. Maya White says:

    Could you do an ice cream shop

  16. Jessie Novas says:

    Make More ! So Funny!

  17. The Kawaii Dinosaur says:

    No one likes my channel :( 

  18. Phoebe Braybrook says:

    OMG I need the Play Dough

  19. smakystell says:

    How did I get here?

  20. Raven Leddon says:


  21. Gary Crook says:

    Blue hair? I love it!!!!

  22. Do Something Fun! says:

    When and where did you get that toy?

  23. Megan O says:

    I love your videos there asome 

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