Fall Makeup and Hair Tutorial inspired by Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf

Enjoy this super easy makeup and hair tutorial inspired by Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl! This is a collaboration video with RachhLoves. Check out her video t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MsBlushing24 says:

    Gossip Girl is amazing. Blair Waldorf is my idol. Nuff said.

  2. mylife472 says:

    <3 the look!! SO sad Gossip Girl ended last week :(

  3. BeautyMarked02 says:

    I love the hair!

  4. LovelyPheli says:

    what’s the name of this hairstyler?

  5. LovelyPheli says:

    what’s the name of this hairstyler?

  6. Yoonis So says:

    what’s the name of this hair styler??

  7. Chyanne Gee says:

    Thatss My Birthday :) && Judy Rocks Brooo <3

  8. MultiSminke says:

    hey,can you have a balke lively hair and makeup tutorial

  9. baxterbooiloveyou says:

    you have a viedo on where u got the crimper from. u got it from walmart

  10. georginamollyxo says:

    I remember you saying you got your crimper at Walmart :)

  11. Kumi Neang says:

    you can find them on ebay if your looking for the exact same metal one then your gonna have to search metal shoe rack

  12. dollbabygirl77 says:

    very pretty hair and makeup

  13. XxzanessaashxX says:

    it’s perfect!

  14. danielabrazzoli says:

    Like this comment so more people will look at my hair tutorials :)

  15. 005kirky says:

    you actually re created it perfectly!

  16. Simone Pedretti says:

    that blush is really flattering on youu :)

  17. Simone Pedretti says:

    i love tht mascara! its actually really good, it makes them long and their not clumpy… well unless u cake it on but thts the same for all mascaras… anyways it rocks and u can get it at a DRUGSTORE and its cheap but amazinggg!

  18. harmonybumblebee101 says:

    you have such a cute nose I just want to press it then go beep lol xx I love your videos by the way xx ;D

  19. 5illy6irl says:

    …until I saw you in this!

  20. 5illy6irl says:

    I’m 40 n never thought I’d go back to crimping since the 80s…until I you in this! So pretty!

  21. Dblchin Dblchin says:

    you are so sooo pretty judy and you are the most down to earth guru !!! Love watching ur hair tutorial, your makeup tutorial and ur journey with benji!

  22. msm00dy says:

    Hi Judy I’m here in Cali watching this video while sipping on the Chai Tea recipie your hunny posted today,great fall combo!

  23. MortalFloss says:

    Beautiful look! I love everything about this look :)

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