Emo/Scene Hairstyles For Girls

Made out of boredom, enjoy~
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. CrazyEmmaGirl says:

    No I want all…

  2. CrazyEmmaGirl says:

    0:32 I want it

  3. mikhaylechkokarina5 says:

    thats purple with the turquoise is beautiful i love it..xoxo

  4. Brittany Ernest says:

    thats leda

  5. izh1688 says:

    Like the third one

  6. redspiderlily1 says:

    where is the video for the first girl we see her hair looks awsome

  7. 19Teleport92 says:

    How the fuck did I end up here from a World of warcraft video?

  8. Nosyposyful says:

    Umm excuse me…U dont even know me so how do u know if i cut myself?

  9. littlXelmo says:

    Im 11 year and my hair is super long….. This is to strong for me :(

  10. Girls338 says:

    I be wanna emo/scene !!!!!

  11. 72alliekat says:

    you dont have to be emo/scene for these hair styles

  12. kimlovesdeefizzy says:

    I want this hair but I’m not emo

  13. mackrocks2000 says:

    I think I follow the first one on Instagram…. Btw I’m #bvbworshipper on Instagram!! Follow me!!

  14. alycezombie says:

    What is this song?

  15. clarissamucala66 says:

    2:23 MACY!!!!!:)

  16. Anya Bradley says:

    *just ridiculous, not bait

  17. Anya Bradley says:

    Some of these are just way too much. The way these girls fry and dye their hair is bait ridiculous. But, some of them are very cute. The piercings and the eyeliner i don’t find to be attractive, but some of the hairstyles are fairly cute. My hair style is the one on 0:41, with my natural hair color, which is very dark brown, almost black. beautiful girls. if only they didn’t mutilate their bodies with piercings and such.

  18. Chantal Schmitt says:

    Really love the scene hair style! Did try it a lot of time’s with my hair but my hair is just not made for it i guess.. have to juse a hole bottle of conditioner every night than ><

  19. Dj Stevey says:

    See I love emo girls their so hot and mysterious. But I’m a nerd so I will never get one :( I had a crush on this one girl and we got along so well. FML

  20. justin Spears says:

    The first one is my friend on twitter she’s hot

  21. chantel covarrubias says:

    im not emo but i LOVE THEIR STLYE

  22. NekoWarrior365 says:

    Some of them were too poofy, but alot of them were adorable!!!

  23. NinjaPandaBubbles says:

    Saosin – changing ;) /watch?v=DJqGKVbWAMM

  24. Taryn Tragedyy says:

    Lots of these are gorgeous! :) if you guys would like to check out my channel, I’d appreciate it alot :) I’m always changing my hair colour! Thanks loves !

  25. Tess McDonald says:

    Changing – Saosin ♡

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