DevaCut with Natural Hair Stylist Keyonna Tillman

PLEASE READ! :-) *************************** To reach Keyonna, please go to, or call her at 818-415-1983! Places to…

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  1. msladynatural00 says:

    You have beautiful hair. I especially love the hair without the products.

  2. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks, girl! XO

  3. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks for the comment! XOXO

  4. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    LOL!! Thanks so much!! XO

  5. MakeupanBeautyJunkie says:

    Girl..I’m laughing at you and those sunglasses..LOL!!

  6. LoveMyCurlz says:

    so we talked about me getting my hair cut…I loved ur pics and now the
    vid!!! i want to go…wanna film my first cut being natural!! i am gonna
    take your suggestion and make a Studio City visit!

  7. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks!!! :-)

  8. iashley7 says:

    Now that’s big hair!

  9. DejaVu807 says:

    Your hair looks similar to mine when it is naked!! I met you at the hair
    show in Atlanta at the bask table. Gorgeous hair, sis! :)

  10. NaturallyCurlyQ says:

    Hey Keyonnnaaa! Love the vid of course! My turn soon! lol

  11. littlealeah1 says:

    Lol you looked like a different person before the cut! And I honestly love
    it both ways and keyonnas hair is also gorgeous and her nails were too cute
    lol but great video!! Can’t wait to see that wash and go video!

  12. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks for your comment!! XO

  13. MakeupanBeautyJunkie says:

    Thanks for asking me to go. I had fun chatting with you and Key ;-)

  14. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    I know, right?? LOL!

  15. GaDiva769 says:

    Nice cut, your hair is beautiful. What items did she use to style your
    hair? I noticed a mousse or foam at the end but it didn’t seem like she
    started with that?

  16. goodec323 says:

    Beautiful hair!

  17. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks!! XO

  18. JoyfulBree says:

    Lurve Keyonna! She’s the best! Found her because of you :)

  19. Loulou Matou says:

    she seems wonderful and your hair is beyond gorgeous!!

  20. teegee2010 says:

    sooo cute! it really was fab when it was big!! :-)

  21. Jessica J says:

    Went to see Keyonna in Feb of 2011 for a Devacut, SHE’S AMAZING!!!! Flying
    to LA for the day next week, just to have her do it again =) Totally worth
    the money ladies!!!!!

  22. Mlle.CafeAuLait says:

    She did an excellent job; you look FAB!!! I NEED to book an appointment my
    damn self….real real soon!

  23. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks, girl!! XO

  24. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thanks! I can’t remember, I’ll have to check. She used a leave in first and
    then the mousse.

  25. CurlyKimmyStar says:

    Thank you! :-)

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