Day in the Life (Part 1) of a Mom/Hairstylist with a 16 Month Toddler!

Our Busy Crazy Day in the Life!!! Of a Mom/Hairstylist & with a 16 Month old!!! :) We had a Great day!!! ate Breakfast went to the Gym at Salon ate Lunch Tha…
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  1. eugiene ulster says:

    Show razz´╗┐

  2. Ashleigh Dennison says:

    i see she has a stuffed duck with her was it already in the car or did u
    pack it to take with or did kinzley wanna take it with?

  3. Ashleigh Dennison says:

    omg kinzley is soooooooooooooo cute! i would just love to scoop her up in
    my arms. im 12 years old by the way and kinzley is just adorable! i have 4
    younger cousins. the 3 girlz are chelsie alyssa and arial. chelsie is my
    fav! and then theres the little boy thts arails little brother. arail is
    like only 3 probly. chelsie is a little girl by now shes probly in 1st
    grade! and alyssa probly bout 4. they grow up so fast! but my moms boy
    friend has a grand daughter so now im like her aunt so yay!!!!

  4. halloweengirl888 says:

    She is so lovely and so good. She loves tv doesn’t she my 1st son loved tv
    my 2nd doesn’t do much. Do you own the salon or just work there? Xx

  5. Ashleigh Dennison says:

    hey does kinzleyever watch max and ruby??? its a bunny show. cuz if she
    does i have an old max and ruby movie its maxs christmas and i was
    wondering if u would want me to send it to her. u see i still watch max and
    ruby sometimes too but my mom ordering me two max and ruby movies and it
    came with the one i had so i was wondering if kinzley would like to watch
    it. its a show about bunnies in cartoon form and its really funny and cute
    for her age too. im 12 and i still love to watch it sometimes!

  6. HairStylistHeather says:


  7. HairStylistHeather says:

    thank you & oh neat :)

  8. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Yes ill make this video how I keep bows in Kinsleys hair! Thanks! :)

  9. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thank Youu! She is growing way too fast! & Thats funny, im sure Kinz will
    be like that too lol :)

  10. HairStylistHeather says:

    she wanted it im pretty sure:)

  11. Lindsey Hooper says:

    do yall live in south Carolina or north Carolina?:)

  12. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Thank you!!! Yes she loves it!! especially the Fresh Beat Band!!!! I am
    the own of the hair salon! :)

  13. HairStylistHeather says:

    yes she loves to watched max & ruby! :)

  14. sydneyelizabeth16 says:

    Or any tips on having them keep the bows in their hair?

  15. Ashleigh Dennison says:

    message me bk plzzzzzzzzz

  16. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Awesome!! Itll be up soon! Was a great request! :)

  17. evelise rojas says:

    im reeeeaaaallllyyyy looking forward to watching your parenting style video
    that i requested the other day.

  18. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Yes! I done a video on toddler hairstyles, but i will be doing another
    one soon! :)

  19. sydneyelizabeth16 says:

    Any tips on doing little girls hair?

  20. Crystal Curran says:

    shes getting so big,,, shes adorible… they grow up so fast… my cousins
    3 going on 21 ( lol she acts like it sometimes… shes a cutie <3

  21. HairStylistHeather says:

    - Aw Thanks! shes a mess lol:)

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