Creative Hairstyles: A Must Know Updo

This is a simple hair style that is easy to do….when you KNOW how to do it. I get alot of questions on how to do this! Once you have this hair style down you can do SOOO many other ones which is what i love about this one!! Let me know if you have any questions!! What you will need: Flat iron or curling iron bobby pins hairspray brush Check out my other profiles!! BLOG: TWITTER: FORMSPRING: Disclaimer- Im not getting paid or sponsered by a company to do this video..and its my honest opinion
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sofisiemes says:

    You are so pretty :) is that your natural hair color?

  2. lisabarreras says:

    you never got to explaining how to brush out the teasing…

  3. Alyssa Alvarez says:

    i could never get this hairstyle no matter how many times i tried tear

  4. xdaparix says:

    You are very pretty. :) Any hairstyle looks good on you <3

  5. nanjixing says:

    This very common half updo hairstyle is call princess hairstyle in Chinese . Can do alot of diff changes w diff fringe n curls .tie more to de back makes chin line looks sharper, face looks abit smaller

  6. nanjixing says:

    This video was 2 yrs ago? ?Now alrd have light bumpits to put on the top of head, don need tease tt part its damaging .hair tools r getting more improve n wise, like 1 spin pin can replace several bobby pins .bob maker can turn long hair into short one So tt u don need hestitate cutting it.

  7. Javeria Iftikhar says:

    Thank you i can use this hairstlye for work experiance in the hospital x

  8. sweetypie7029 says:

    love your haircut….

  9. EllaBee04 says:

    llol pause at 0:28

  10. madelin m says:

    I love it

  11. fdoeppen says:

    Back comb the crap out of it!!  Love it!

  12. elli565 says:

    I think im going 2 use this 4 the 1 day of school

  13. madhushree babu says:

    awesome….i wud b glad if u cud teach me sm office kinda hairdo…:)

  14. Shuhrat Shakil says:

    u look sooooo pretty <3

  15. lemeseomar says:

    Love ittttt!!

  16. 123Jubzy says:

    lucky you!

  17. Gil Einat says:

    I just love your videos :)

  18. 123Jubzy says:


  19. wtfman465 says:

    she has nice big eyes :)

  20. Meow Nip says:

    this is soooo prettyyy

  21. Hally Ali says:

    luckily i don;t have to back comb my hair naturally has tons of volume which stays like that so it still would work.

  22. Mariie Peña says:

    Ur cheeks c:

  23. VMustArt says:

    So big eyes…. LIKE :D 

  24. iliana leon says:

    You know theres a thing called bump its i think is better can i use it on this

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