Brunette at the stylist: hair wet set rollers and makeover

Brunette at the stylist: hair wet set and rollers. This is a complete hair sytle and makeover of a beautyfull brunette at her hair stylist. First she has a l…

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  1. MrShampooking says:

    nice can you show some shampooing and capeing 

  2. Steviej148 says:

    wot was the point of this video if you dont show the finished style, and
    how can you call that a makeover . Joke more like !

  3. Thomas Cook says:

    One has to appreciate women who spend hours at a salon to please the men in
    their lives. I would have liked to seen the end result of this salon visit.
    The only thing nicer would have been a frosted do.

  4. simon98520 says:

    What a babe having her hair set I love her

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