Black Star Ripple Deep Hair

My Review on the Black Star Brand Ripple Deep Hair. I am Wearing a 8,10, and 12 inch in this hair. Color is number 1.

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  1. billieholiday67 says:

    Black star Ripple Deep hair suck yea its the bomb when u first take out the pack n put it in ur head but after a while it star to get very puffy at the end, I had 18, 14 &8 in my head n I would never buy black star its cheap just Like the price

  2. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    2 weeks and it was not at all pricy. This is cheap brand.

  3. TenorLove Rick says:

    How long did the black star ripple deep last you? I dont wanna spend money on pricey weave if its only going to last for a few weeks

  4. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    Hey sorry for my late responce. Yes you can flat Iron this hair, but it keep in mind that it migh not look as good. I have to agree with you that the black star curly hair is mush better than the straight. The Straight hair does shed a whole lot.

  5. fadedheartz52 says:

    I have the same extact hair on rite now and I was wonderin if it would be a good idea to flat iron it? but it is a good brand and hair only the curly black star but the straight black star sheds its no good but the curly one lasts me more than 2 months <3

  6. lwiqqie says:

    black star hair is very good. i have it in now it’s awesome. i have 12′ and it was very cheap.

  7. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    hey hun, I added a couple of 8inch straight tracks in the front wear I wanted my bangs to be and then cut it to the length I desir.

  8. mommycookies1 says:

    how did u add the bang? cuz this is how i want my hair to look. u did yours so cute.

  9. FrootLoops93 says:

    How long is the bang? And how do you style it to go to bed?

  10. HairpieceMan says:

    Great video. I found a Company that offers Hair Stylists the best wholesale prices in the Country guaranteed for custom made human hair pieces and lace wigs. 888-596-4247

  11. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    Once its human hair you can….You just will need a very good flat iron
    and yes you can flat iron this hair.

  12. Jalasoulify says:

    Are you able to flat iron it if it’s curly?

  13. MsCookiecake says:

    ive tried black star minky yaky it was very nice and sleek and i love black star hair also. i have never tried the curly hair.

  14. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    hey it depends on what length you want to purchse, but I payed a total of $33 for everything(all 3 packs of hair) which is not bad at all.

  15. dashaceneaux says:

    about how much is it per pack? can you hot curl or strighten it?

  16. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    I sew only the cap down to my head and glue the tracks in that way it last up to a very long time i’ll say up to 3 weeks and ant can last 4 if you want it to… Keep in mind that it also depends on the hair straight hair last way longer than curly. The ripple deep last 2 weeks

  17. dizzypanda906 says:

    this glued in or sew’d in? How long does the hair last?

  18. SandysBeautyRuch says:

    You are very much welcome hun I’m going to do more review on this brand the next in this brand will be the Renaissance Curl. Stay Tuned :) and thanx for your sub hun.

  19. dizzypanda906 says:

    I’ve been looking for a review on this brand. Thank you soooo much. subbd :)

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