Black Kids Braiding Styles

This is a few selections of kids hair styles COMMENT RATE SUSCRIBE
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  1. tlabang83 says:

    LOVE the music you put on it, fantastic taste.

  2. karnita44 says:

    The one with the beads look best to me

  3. thepomadeshop says:

    Sometime people have real itchy scalp because of thier waves. We dont realy recommend weaves and traction alopeica is a horrible problem. There are alot of all natural products that deal with damage caused my bad hair practices.

  4. prettytwettybird says:

    them corn rolls look like they hurt

  5. shikababy2004 says:

    i meant *braid

  6. shikababy2004 says:

    as i bread i just slide a bread on the hair and keep braiding..i will upload the video one day this week to give you a better look

  7. BBXFashionScene says:

    Nice work !!

  8. mamacita490 says:

    where is this located

  9. SassySophelia says:


  10. shikababy2004 says:

    yes I will do a tutorial on the bead style

  11. Sexxikidd19 says:

    How did u add dem bead to her braids can u do a tuturiol plz

  12. Sexxikidd19 says:

    How do

  13. bryshaTobias says:

    find me on facebook.. not as great as most of these.. but more pics of kids hair styles BRYSHA Tobias.. pictures under HairStyles album

  14. 1Femme1Stud says:

    aww thanx! :D

  15. shikababy2004 says:

    : weave is unhealthy if it is braided too tight and left in for long periods of time: the kids with weave in their hair in this video are 16 and 11. RELAXERS ARE UNHEALTHY FOR KIDS AND ADULTS! I WOULD NOT PUT FAKE HAIR IN LITTLE GIRLS HAIR RANGING FROM AGES 1-8!!!

  16. 1Femme1Stud says:


  17. vera691 says:

    can u do my hair?

  18. TheMzgetz says:

    You can get the hair bead slyder from thehairbeadslyder website to apply beads to the end of the braid or twist.

  19. shikababy2004 says:

    thank you

  20. Donella Harris says:

    very nice my fav is the beads attached to the braid

  21. shikababy2004 says:

    no i don’t pay for them just go to the website and upload your pics

  22. keyannas mama says:

    Thanks for the comment on my video.. you have done some really cute styles too! love the beaded ones. how do you get your videos from onetrumedia on to youtube? do you have to pay for them first?

  23. shikababy2004 says:


  24. dabaddestofemall says:

    beautiful styles

  25. shikababy2004 says:

    thank you

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