AgesandAges – Navy Parade (escape from the Black River Bluffs)

A man unburdens his soul to the people he encounters in the course of his day. Shot on location in the neighborhood of St. Johns, Portland, Oregon in January 2011. From the album “Alright You Restless”, out on Knitting Factory Records Feb 15, 2011. CREDITS: Director/Producer: Alicia J. Rose Director of Photography: Aubree Bernier-Clarke Editor: Slater Dixon Additional Editing: Aubree Bernier-Clarke Production Coordinator/Locations Manager: Crofton Diack AD: Stephanie Lawson Gaffer: Kristina Davies Art Director/Makeup/Hair : Annie Van Thillo Key Makeup/Hair: Claudine Ebel Costumes/Stylist: Eliza Sohn Asst. AD/PA: James Strayer Production Assistants: Misti Miller, Jordan Hamilton, Kevin Freeny, Isabella Berlin Titles: Miles Stegall/Idiot or Genius? Cast: AgesandAges: Tim Perry, Graham Arthur Mackenzie, Sarah Riddle, Rob Oberdorfer, Adam Thompson, Kate O’Brien Clarke and Daniel Hunt, with Lisa Stringfield and Tony Lash. Plus Ruby Haack, Daelin Brophy, Izzy & Luci Berlin, Jordan Hamilton and the brothers of the Bachelors Club. Special Thanks: Brother Bob & The Bachelors Club of St. Johns, Susan Johnson, MD, Rebecca Krebs, Megan McGaughy, Aaron Wong, Joel Janke, Picture This, David Cress and Mission Control. Filmed on location in the neighborhood of St. Johns, Portland, OR. Knitting Factory Records 2011
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Cassie Reveles says:

    These guys are great.

  2. Heather Bryse-Harvey says:

    That’s the bridge designed by the grandfather of my lesbian friend who was murdered by her lovers boyfriend. Great video, Alicia!

  3. LeIndieDodo says:

    at first i was like What the f… but then i was like cool shit man.
    True story.

  4. annafooda3 says:

    I find the singer attractive. Other than that amazing band.

  5. rflollipop says:

    ok…haha. That made me laugh (: You don’t have to explain yourself. If you want to hit the dislike button, just go ahead and do it.

  6. Mick Collins says:

    Hey guys, I dig it! I’m a DJ in the Chicago area and I’ll be sure to check out some of your other material and get you some spins on my underground radio show, Subterranean on WRLR, 98.3 FM. Keep up the good work!

  7. AlunarSea says:

    Great video! I love this band. The songs are so good and the lyrics are really interesting.

  8. jjoorrddaann3 says:

    they spent the night at my house 2 days ago. they crashed there after the concert in omaha.

  9. magmystour says:

    I love these guys! Come back to Chicago!!

  10. Jack Hardy says:

    suck me asshole.

  11. Bluh. Nerrere says:

    DAELIN! >:O

  12. mollielie says:

    This band needs more recognition. Seriously, they’re awesome.

  13. thelivingmanpart2 says:


  14. ilovelegos413 says:

    Love the video, it really conveys the feeling of the song.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for that giveaway vinyl!

  15. Lily Fritsch says:

    i’m in this video!!

  16. Shako Matic says:

    I clicked dislike not because I don’t like this song but because there always needs to be a dissenting opinion especially in a democratic society like youtube

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