9 Easy Hairstyles for School!

I TWEET: http://www.twitter.com/strawberryelect I COLLABORATE: http://www.youtube.com/user/allaroundbeautyx Some ways I like to get my bangs out of my face! …

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  1. rosettasilvermist says:

    Very nice and do ignore the haters you are very pretty and have great hair.

  2. Belma Hodzic says:

    This is my first time watching one of your videos ! I love it great hair styles

  3. Tu Nguyen says:

    you are so dumb..lol

  4. MNGURL0531 says:

    She’s a professional ventriloquist… O.o

  5. ella navarro says:

    u look like fiona (shrek)

  6. Kuutamo13 says:

    But I do ;) .

    By the way, I noticed you removed your comments in which you were insulting me, that’s very convenient. Good job.

    I, on the other hand, have the guts to stand behind everything I said.

  7. marissa jones says:

    your telling that to me maybe you should live your own words

  8. Kuutamo13 says:

    13? Good. Maybe you still have time to learn some manners, and watch your language while you’re at it.

    No one likes a dirty mouthed woman.

  9. marissa jones says:

    watever you must think you are really bad and cool right now the way your talking to me a 13 year old little girl real miture

  10. Kuutamo13 says:

    You should be asking yourself that question, since you were the one that misunderstood my original comment, jumped to conclusions and then proceeded to insult me before you even considered giving my comment some thought. Need I remind you that the first thing you did was call me an ‘old hag’ and tell me to ‘shut my face’? Or is your memory that short?

    So no, I don’t just like being ‘mean to people’, but I do enjoy putting people in their place when they deserve it, and you did.

  11. marissa jones says:

    you just like being mean to people don’t you

  12. Saeeda Quaisar says:

    Love it!

  13. Glily16 says:

    On the ones that involve the waterfall part I recommend you drop the hair less often because you can’t even tell its separate pieces of hair just do it every other time so that it adds more of a classy look to it.

  14. Kuutamo13 says:

    Staying classy, I see.

    As much as you love to stare at mine… Lol… I don’t see you using an avatar picture, which makes you:

    a) a hypocrite
    b) an insecure little girl
    c) a no self esteem internet troll
    d) really really dumb or
    e) all of the above.

    I vote for ‘e’. Now, have a nice day, Ms. Insecure-Run-On -Sentence.

  15. trf12340 says:

    ب. Xhghduk

  16. trf12340 says:

    ما شاء الله ييضا كل شى فيها حتى يمكن كسها

  17. Kuutamo13 says:

    I know. And I really have no idea how my comment got turned into that. I was simply saying that I, personally, can’t touch my bangs that much or they get greasy, not that hers were.

    But trolls will be trolls, I guess.

  18. truthpowerknowledge says:

    I love ur hairstyles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. FamilyMustachesLuvX3 says:

    FYI, I think this is to keep your bangs out of your face so…yeah.?.

  20. Jaelynn Poopy says:

    U r really funny and awesome love you !!!:)

  21. Kuutamo13 says:

    Keep telling yourself that darling. If it makes you feel better about yourself ;) . Lol

    Also, you’re awfully interested in my pic… Ew!

  22. patricinha Gatinha says:


  23. Abigail Tomlinson says:

    @strawberryeletric48 your soo pretty! I’m totally gonna try these ideas!

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