5 Back to School Hairstyles in 5 Minutes! Cute Simple Hairstyles

Back to school hairstyles. 5 hairstyles in 5 minutes! 5 Back to school hairstyles that are quick, simple and cute! Also look great for work and going out. Enjoy! youtu.be Spankie’s crop top: www.urbanog.com Spankie’s jeans: www.urbanog.com UrbanOG Facebook: www.facebook.com Spankie Facebook: www.facebook.com More photos of the hairstyles on our blog: urbanogcom.blogspot.com Music by: Spankie Valentine “The Fashion”

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  1. PinkiePeaches says:

    If you are looking for a beachy school look try checking out my recent video. It takes a little longer than 5 minutes but it is a cute effect and you can do it the night before and sleep on it! check it out (:

  2. Kaitlyn Kiddell says:

    U should do ootw

  3. liveyhere80 says:

    She said 5 min

  4. girlysmurf101 says:

    whats your name

  5. Kaylee Dierckman says:

    i have that bow headband :D so cute!

  6. Angel Kissi says:

    you remind me of a younger beyonce ! xx

  7. maria b says:

    i love your hair

  8. tone210texas says:

    Why are you so gorgeous? :) I wanna be the straight, male version of you lol but I’m half white & mexican : /

  9. tigerlilykills says:

    I love your hair

  10. sharan k. says:

    your hair is so unreal.. its amazing <3

  11. ariana grande says:

    how long did it take to get your hair that long

  12. Oceaniana Myers says:

    i LOVE All your videos! I have very curly hair and it is very hard to deal with.!

  13. Abigail Burgoyne says:

    like the intro ;) 

  14. irocz tpi says:

    Inbox me i would reallly like to make some requests…. wow you should really be a model

  15. huynar23 says:

    Your hair…OMG

  16. NeverGiveUp4187 says:

    Lucky ur beautiful

  17. TheToya150 says:

    IKR! She also looks like avanti there :)

  18. 123KandieGirl says:

    her room is cute

  19. nikininja101 says:

    Omg i luv her nails!!! and the hairstyles…. im so happy cuz i’m mixed 2! black and white!!! so i have the same hair as you and like the volume! but i am way younger than u…… But u remind me of how i will look when i get older! Also is the background her room?

  20. rockstarjean says:

    If my hair is cremed and has a massive amount of slit ends how do i get my hair like yours and im not mixed. Also how do you get your skin so clear?

  21. harris smith says:

    Is spanky your real name? :)

  22. mellersa1 says:

    How long did it take to get your hair so long

  23. SuperJGirl11 says:

    Hahaha! Lol spankie 9.20

  24. Hoàng Lý says:

    the second hairstyles is too old for me

  25. Leighanna Pendlebury says:

    i agree you can rock your long hair!!! I have very long hair too

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