31. How To Straighten Natural Hair:”Blow Out” & Flat Iron W/O “Heat Damage”

You can straighten natural hair without heat damage! I blow out and flat iron my hair a few times a year with no issues. This hair straightening video was highly requested! Thank you for supporting my youtube channel! Here’s a link to the products that I use. seemyhealthyhairgrow.blogspot.com Check out my channel to see a more detailed video on the products and tools that I use. www.youtube.com I straighten my hair 3 to 5 times a year. I’ve been natural now going on 3 years. Please visit my channel to see my curl pattern. Many people are concerned that they will loose their curl pattern but if you use the right amount of heat with a heat protectant and only straighten your hair a few times a year, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you’re concerned that you will loose your curl pattern from straightening your hair then please DO NOT straighten YOUR hair. If I ever loose my curl pattern I will just wear braid and twist outs until the straight parts grow out. I don’t stress over my hair…..I’m too busy with real life concerns. I appreciate the concern that some of you showed concerning ME straightening MY natural hair but at the end of the day it is MY HAIR….. (with love) ~TOY~ Music Provided by: www.youtube.com

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  1. Healthy Hair Zone says:


  2. susumusic101 says:

    your hair looks great, but you put to much oil in your hair , that’s why it’s a bit stiff

  3. susumusic101 says:

    your hair looks great, but you put to much oil in your hair , that’s why it’s a bit stiff

  4. Healthy Hair Zone says:


  5. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    thank you!

  6. toohot27271 says:


  7. CupCakeMakeUpx says:

    are those your real eyes

  8. Ayan H says:

    how often do you flat iron your hair?

  9. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    I’m African American

  10. Choxclatkixssez101 says:

    are you mixed ?

  11. AustralianGirl8 says:

    How long does it take you to straighten your hair after putting all the oils and what not in your hair? because my hair is about as curly as yours, maybe even a little curlier and it takes me about an hour to two hours. Im wondering whether putting the oils you talk about in my hair might make a difference in the time :)

  12. Healthy Hair Zone says:

    @loveofwonder Thank you! You are very kind for saying so. Thanks for watching.

  13. loveofwonder says:

    that was the fastest hair straightening I’ve ever seen! Why can’t more tutorials be so brief? Love the eyebrows, and your hair’s so shiny! You’re gorgeous btw

  14. melmarthom says:

    daaang your hair looks good.. how do you get all the way down to the roots like that? when my hair was longer, i had trouble with the roots..

  15. Jennifer1990000 says:

    What straightener did you use?

  16. TransitioningBeauty says:

    Your hair looks amazing! If I saw you on the street I would have sworn it was weave. Not because of the length but because I get a little suspicious when I see perfect looking hair lol

  17. blackukstay says:

    aiyo, u be in the studio, right?

  18. bailey1950 says:

    :Me too! Did you figure out what to do.. My roots straight up becomes poofy and revert..

  19. cokecola1031 says:

    your hair look s lik a weave lol

  20. tarynj21 says:

    What type of blowdryer do you use?

  21. princesspudtassja says:

    looks like a fresh pack of weave.lol kust kidding your hair is so pretty and shiny.

  22. TheKennesha says:

    By the way what is your hair type?

  23. missy farah says:

    When my hair is natural it looks like yours but i can never get it that straight!

  24. msnywoman23 says:

    that was nice but im curious when you woke up did ur hair remain oily, that looked like alot of oil used.

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