3 Easy Hairstyles for a Rainy Day

Rain is commonly looked at as the mortal enemy of your hair – but it doesn’t have to be. Learn about three easy hair styles for a rainy day with help from a professional hairstylist in this…
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  1. Jasmine Flower says:

    my mind is fried when he did the bun

  2. thinkwhatsyourlife says:

    yep not for girls with fine hair like me :D a small bun ….
    ps:the subtitles are too funny!

  3. Emily Johansen says:

    he already knew the wiggle wiggle wiggle haha

  4. lisette marie anta says:

    Gravity is not our friend…remember ladies less is more

  5. goodomens says:

    This guy is hilarious hahaha

  6. hannah rappold says:

    Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like Tyler Oakley?

  7. HungUpOnADream1122 says:

    She looks so much like Evangeline Lilly

  8. Sophie Moon says:

    3 Easy Hairstyles for a Rainy Day: https://youtu.be/LNvrcWgH6eE

  9. Eunice Bao says:

    is that guy Korean or Chinese or japenese? I cant tell

  10. Sarah Stanley says:

    the model’s hair is absolutely gorgeous!! 

  11. Amelia May says:

    ” get rid of any lines, create lines ” well okay

  12. MaiCohWolf says:

    Dang, Dang! Please do my hair for me! :) 

  13. Allison Keffer says:

    those subtitles hahaha

  14. Naseem Ahoora says:

    I want to know why somebody could not like this video

  15. rina hasnat says:

    I love David Dang! Wish he could do my hair : )

  16. Agnes Khang says:

    The lady looks like mannequin

  17. Cathy-Ann Davies says:

    “pin that sucka up” hahah! but seriously, this man just showed me how to do
    a perfect bun, I was doing it so wrong! 

  18. Sukhpal Kaur says:
  19. pinkconfetti1 says:

    CAn someone please explain the right over left , left over right….

  20. club789456 says:

    i love david hes soo adorable

  21. Ellja says:


  22. Adel-Marie Perez says:
  23. Sherrie Snow says:


  24. Rhianne Charles Murphy says:

    The video should have been called ‘Three ways to do a hair bun’

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