2 Year Length Check Goes Horribly Wrong (Heat Damage)

Music Produced By Native Stranger https://soundcloud.com/nativestranger Why did I use a hot comb? The salon reccommended that method based on my hair texture…
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  1. Aaliyah Jean-Baptiste says:

    I find it funny how you guys think heat damage is the end of the world,
    your hair looks the same as before but with 2 or 3 straighter strands.
    If you want straight hair with your hair type those are the processes you
    need to do.
    Anyway, what gel do you use its laid for gods. 

  2. sun dance91 says:

    NO DUH! of course you will have heat damage. ppl have to knw with our hair
    we need moisture 24/7. you hair was dry when she began and she only add
    hair spray containing alcohol. before you begin loc-n-seal with water,
    natural oil, and leave in conditioner all ver the hair. Then add foam for
    shine and a spray heat protector not the serum heat protector

  3. Latisha Lobban says:

    Whybis her hair so uneven at the end of the video? 

  4. msfrankiec85 says:

    I want to cry for your lost texture :( 

  5. Leslie Sharon says:

    What the lady was doing to her hair was old school pressing! Back in the
    day there was no such thing as a flat iron. She did not have heat

  6. Vero R says:

    Natural black hair is beautyful!! Stop damaging it, im not black but I like
    natural black hair…

  7. mshaw0042 says:

    Love your shirt!!!! Where did you get it from? 

  8. Brandi Thomas says:

    Lol should have went back and complained but it will go back

  9. aDivastouch says:

    I am a hair stylist and some of us love what we do and will not take your
    hair out. Do not put us all in that category please. This stylist was not
    knowledge of Marcel irons so she should not have used it. You can use
    Marcels properly and get awesome results without damage. The Marcels were
    not needed to get her hair straight. But again all stylist are not the same
    and some of us take pride in our work. 

  10. QuietRiot123 says:

    Where the hell are you from? You seem sophisticated and very gorgeous! lol

  11. kai legall says:

    Why would she use a flat iron after using a hot comb

  12. MzJonezNyaBonez Kelly says:

    hot comb???????????????????????????????????????????
    and flat iron??????????????????????????/

  13. Thirdkidinlove says:

    Hair dressers are the worst! They don’t care at ALL about the health of
    your hair. All the ones I’ve been to just RIP a comb through my hair, not
    being gentle at all. They’re just crap lol idk how any of them get through
    hairdressing school.

  14. Tracie Phillips says:

    I hope you didnt pay for that service That was ridiculous 

  15. Jenicarl Enang says:

    I think it’s fake cause after “8 days”, she was wearing the exact same
    shirt and plus she was smiling

  16. Bianca Lord says:

    Keeps the heat out of my hair

  17. rbyleona says:

    Wait wait wait….was that the can of Olive Oil Sheen Spray right before
    she put that hot comb on it?….I’m no hair dresser but I’m SURE PUTTING
    PURE OIL like that on your hair before you apply heat is frying your hair.
    No wonder you got heat damage IF that is what she did. I used to do that
    some years back…Yea my hair went from 3 inches past my neck to barely
    making it past my ears in the course of 2 years

  18. flemstah says:

    I REALLY don’t understand how ur hair has grown so much in 2 years! I’ve
    been natural since 2008, but been using ‘natural products’ since 2012 and
    it’s still the same length?!?
    I didn’t big chop but I transitioned and trimmed on the way. I don’t use
    ANY heat on my hair (even when I wash it, the water is luke.)
    I L.O.C my hair every other day but spritz it every day, clarify once a
    month and cowash every 2 weeks but it’s still DRY AS HECK!!!
    And after all this work, it’s still only 2.5inches at best…. I’m
    P.s also SE London B.A.R!

  19. Daya Tennille Washington says:

    Everytime I see any video that looks like type 4 natural hair I get EXTRA
    excited because I feel like all I see are the other types and it’s
    annoying. I’ve been natural for 8 years and i’m glad the movement has
    seriously grown on youtube, particularly. I need more tips. This video is
    extremely helpful. Thanks for posting! I am scared of heat damage as well
    but I need my ends trimmed and maintained for length, badly. I’m so
    frustrated with the overpriced and underskilled professionals in my area I
    don’t know what to do.

  20. Angie Jones says:

    OMG thanks for sharing! This is why I’m TERRIFIED of putting ANY heat on my
    hair. I’m 3 years natural and have yet to straighten it, no matter how many
    people beg me to do it. People always say it can be done without damage.
    So, you do the logical thing and go to a PROFESSIONAL assuming surely
    she’ll be able to do it correctly, and then bam! That terribly sucks! Good
    luck transitioning the damaged hair out. :( 

  21. Gladys Martinez says:

    You are so pretty thanks for sharing I just staring transitioning and I
    won’t be doing that thanks to you…. I couldn’t believe when you relaxed
    and started all over again

  22. eatingfromthetree X says:

    OMG, all that heat. I need to see how you come out 2 years later…

  23. OfficialCountdown321 says:

    she didn’t even straighten your hair properly and 8 passes?? that lady is
    horrible. i’m sorry you had to go through that :( 

  24. Dominique Fortune says:

    Don’t get me wrong, she made your hair look good when it was straight but
    that is WAY too much heat! Although I don’t mind using heat occasionally on
    my natural hair, I’d never put it through that much heat. :/

  25. MsRaydale says:

    You’re better than me I would have had to do this video from jail because I
    shot that witch for messing up my hair.

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