2 Min Cute Everyday Hairstyle

http://www.bubzbeauty.com http://www.twitter.com/bubzbeauty Do you have 2 minutes? This hairstyle is really simple, quick and easy. It looks cute and sassy. …

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  2. Poopdodgers says:

    Shut up.

  3. unspokenvoiceee says:

    My very first video of bubz!

  4. OxnigaratchettxO says:

    I love iit!

  5. crysbeatific says:

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  7. celia sanchez says:

    enserio me encantan todos tus peinados XD

  8. ShinigamiMaidenn says:

    I love my hair like this!

  9. Eyelean100 says:

    How do you cut your hair ??

  10. everybodylovesel says:

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  11. Tricia H says:

    this is easy. thanks :) 

  12. iEmoBabiex3 says:

    looking back… bubz has grown so much .. changed so much. and gotten much prettier <3

  13. alyna bae says:

    This is awesome ;D

  14. amayrani hernandez says:

    I.lik ur hair

  15. Bienanou says:

    Whats the song?? Nice & cute btw :)

  16. giortiz says:

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  17. alyna bae says:

    It really works thanx BUBZ :D 

  18. Juliana Priscilla says:

    You’re too pretty~~

  19. Mega Elichan says:

    does it works only on layered hair??

  20. emogurl463 says:

    OMG! i was 1:10 into the vid before i realized! i loved that show!!

  21. jotitaacevedo says:

    Hi, I am from Colombia, my English is very bad, but I would like to know what is the name of your haircut because I love it. Thank you

  22. Jacob Lin says:


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  23. dragonknife1234 says:

    bubz time: 2 mins my time: 10 mins cool hairstyle still

  24. Sheilamint mintshey says:

    the best japanese series ever!! :)

  25. Lexi Bridgett says:

    You’re mad pretty but that style is not cute .. : )

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