15 confessions of a hairstylist tag!

A tag I made for all my stylist friends here on YouTube!! I tag… April Kayli Alexsis Silvia Jess Mandie And Ashley!! 15 Confessions of a hairstylist TAG .H…

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  1. Kylie Nagel says:

    So lucky you are my stylist! I can’t wait to see your blonde toning video.
    I’ll be seeing you soon :) 

  2. sameethehairstylist says:

    YES! Another fellow hairstylist YouTube friend! I feel like all I find are
    girls who never went to beauty school. Thank you Jesus..lol. I agree with
    you on the whole booth rental/commission situation. I graduated from Paul
    Mitchell and NEVER worked in a salon after that, I have just been building
    my clientele up from home the past 4 years and it has worked great for me.
    I recently got asked to work at a salon a couple days a week recently
    because this stylist retired and wanted to give me all of her clients. Who
    would say no to that? lol..and she takes half of what I make, but she
    charges so much it equals out to what I charge at home. But yes, you
    definitely have to be driven and truly love what you do. Can’t wait to
    watch more of your videos!

  3. cherubshalz says:

    hey, just a heads up, the background music is a little loud, can’t hear you
    very clearly. Love your new hair and channel :) 

  4. zina A says:


  5. Shannon Nicole says:

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