Vintage pin-up hairstyles – how to do rolled bangs hair tutorial (adapted by Beyonce in TELEPHONE)

JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK *** The technique to obtain old Hollywood soft curls that I’ve started from is described in my other tutorial (on Lady Gaga’s inspired hairstyle from the same “Telephone” video) which you can find at Join me on facebook

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  1. NatashaTashh says:

    I ahve the same curling Iron *.* btw nice video I’m gonna try this

  2. Stephen Weatherall says:

    You look really like kyle mignouge

  3. Misssealine11 says:

    Are you from russia? You’re very pretty!

  4. ladym973 says:

    Your really good and i will be using this i love it and you are really pretty !!!

  5. jamiehairstylist says:

    good job!

  6. Mainerland says:

    Your pin up style is very attractive:)

  7. anng6agy says:

    I couldn’t hear what was being said for the music, ‘which I don’t like’, but I enjoy watching your videos for ideas and inspiration.

  8. bubblz11498 says:

    your so pretty and your eyes look really cool….thanks this helps alot

  9. minariz1 says:

    lilith moon i love ur hair an hair style u r so pretty i wanna talk to u i always try to to ur hair styles but i cant.i just did some of the hair styles .u r so.

  10. bresean13 says:

    i love this !! and im black cudnt find one black person who does these good.. thnxx you soo much(:

  11. missaneska says:


  12. TheMistressA says:

    You have beautiful hair

  13. moorepenguin says:

    love your video but its hard to hear you talking over the music,

  14. missaliciaworld says:

    nice job, your pin-up curl looks better than beyonce.

  15. heavenlucy says:

    you have the cutest accent ever and you are soooooo beautiful :O!!!
    can i ask what is your nationality???

  16. seraphim sloth says:

    Thank you!

  17. BellaswanEdwardcull says:

    Thank you so much for posting these videos!!! I originally found you when I was trying to figure out how to curl my brother’s girlfriend’s hair for a dance, and now I can’t stop watching them!!!! :)

  18. Shanequa Figgins says:

    your such a diva lol….your so pretty and sweet lovely madonna :)

  19. xoAmEricaxo says:

    I love it! =)
    Can you please do some more pin-up looks?

  20. Lilith Moon says:

    thank you :) I made a video on this look too, called “old hollywood makeup” :)

  21. Lilith Moon says:

    thank you very much, you’re so kind! hugs

  22. Lilith Moon says:

    that’s so great to know, thanks for telling me! :) hugs

  23. nicketcricket says:

    You’re beautiful, and your accent is adorable! Great tutorial, thank you! You helped me a lot.

  24. Ikimification says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking that you look like Madonna here and a few other vids. Lovely hair and beautiful person I think. Really like your tutorials.

  25. Lilith Moon says:

    I know, sorry for that – that was my second video and I wasn’t sure what’s the best way to make them… But I learned the lesson and don’t add music ever since then!

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