Tutorial of Invisible Part Quick Weave Part 2

to close the top I cut the hair off the track and glued it on
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. s3xyblackk31 says:

    very pretty

  2. Ray Simmons says:

    girl you did that!!! you know you can lay some hair you got some hater on ya team!!! lol keep on doing what you doing!

  3. Anthonise62 says:

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  4. amastara11 says:

    shouldn’t there be a barrier between her hair and blue?

  5. BambieLashay says:

    Amazing :) 

  6. meriah says:

    Black women and these feathered bangs….sheesh lol

  7. kishia1100 says:

    Keep making these hits! Your styles are FLAMING!

  8. juiceefruit228 says:

    I appreciate looking at the video.

  9. LexusMariee says:

    thats really pretty !

  10. nightnurse4u914 says:

    You are very talented. I’m a registered nurse, but I was a beautician for years prior to that. You make me remember why I loved it so much. You let them haters go on and hate. You did the dam thang. Great job!!

  11. TheMsw2009 says:

    I dont like this style

  12. TheCHILDOFGOD1992 says:

    Very nice!

  13. monka258 says:

    looks like you need a spell check before you ask ignorant questions

  14. rikka1287 says:

    when i was young and immature i did…until i realized the MANY things i can do with my natural hair…that white, spanish, or asian ppl cannot do….their hair is too stringy and limp…it holds no curl and fizzes in to time…it cannot be braided and barely twisted, and not to mention its flat! But its straight and shinny and that is the only the i would say is good about their hair…but that is just my opinion

  15. amateurdramatics says:

    great work but the hairstyle isn’t nice – it’s dated and ages her.

  16. Tinkertinkerman says:

    looks too much of an older style for her face

  17. Shaloveforreal says:

    Omg this is the best video…i never knew how to do this…thanks so much cang wait to go to the hair store n get started…

  18. tatianalatiffe says:

    onde compro essa cola aqui no BRASIL please,love seu trabalho

  19. Strawberryxoxo90 says:

    this isnt a tutuorial!!! wow

  20. elexic25 says:

    Very cute the best I seen # great job.

  21. MarleneRek says:


  22. chrryquinn says:

    Loved the tutorial it wasnt a lot of talkn u jus did n xplained a lil.. GOOD!! I just learnt how to an invisible part.

  23. Gizelle101Graceful says:

    Girl yo need to do my hair where are you located

  24. 9mccloud says:

    Thank you Ms Gwen, My daughuter is in school now. But when she gets home I am going to show her this video. You did a wonderful tutorial. I don’t wear weave very much. When I did get it in this month the person put the hair in the same spot as you did your model, on the sides of the temple. It did bother me very much, may be because I am not use to it. But again Thank you.

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