The Perfect Wand Curl Tutorial/ Beyonce Inspired Hair

Wand Curl Tutorial by Kamille Leai.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mel Stevens says:

    I highly recommend the karmin g3 clipless curling iron to make curls like
    these :D

  2. CheesecakeCutie says:

    I have that wand and it is perfect! (:

  3. Shulette McBeth says:

    I have edges so I like to use them lmao ! I love her

  4. WeS says:

    I actually think you look like a young Beyonce. You’re so attractive

  5. Andrianna Botoni says:

    Ur really pretty

  6. mynameistutty says:

    You’re veeery Beitiful, looking like Niki Minaj but not in plastic way!

  7. Nash. Parker says:


  8. Sonam Pelden says:

    you are very beautiful :)

  9. beymonestles says:

    How do u have enough time to use strands of hair that small?!

  10. loves2bme96 says:

    Nicki manat

  11. LovelyLady Carter says:

    Thank hun! BTW……you’re soooooooooo pretty!!

  12. DyvetteHair says:

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  13. june campbell says:

    seem so easy

  14. Tanya McNeil says:

    U talk 2 much.

  15. Smileypants23 says:

    Lol I talk to my cat the same way!

  16. Ilovechocolate1996 says:

    Haha, I talk to my cat like that as well.

  17. Adilene Mariscal says:

    Oohhh you’re spunky too! Love it!! =) def subscribing!

  18. Adilene Mariscal says:

    I think you are beautiful! =)

  19. K McCarter says:

    i love Kamille….she always looks so bomb!!

  20. OpheliasLullaby says:

    It’s a remington curling wand, the 1/2-1 inch one :)

  21. kayleebringsthebands says:

    I wanna know so if you know please tell me

  22. kayleebringsthebands says:

    Does anybody know what size of wand she uses ? And what heat temperature
    she put it on ????

  23. D Dai says:


  24. Kaitlin Smith says:

    You are gorgeous!

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