Rihanna’s Hairstyles

My favorite Singer and her latest styles.. sorry i havent added the recent red curls and red hair she has now .. which is amazing =) fyi i have red hair now..

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  1. Cristianandtupac says:

    i know tthats y i made this video..lol its hard to get that haircut all the hairdressers kept messing mine up

  2. NaomiPookieBear1 says:

    I love the second pictures hairstyle!! Thats the one I wanna do! But dont have much hair

  3. beginnersbeautyblog says:

    ive done some short hair tutorials pleaseee check them out :) xx

  4. TheCocoPeaches says:

    that is da boom (B)! LOL…

  5. TdotKsmiles says:

    looove riri

  6. Cristianandtupac says:

    yea your rite

  7. mewcandygirl says:

    ‘wow’ i didnt kow kelis INVENTED that look….. :|

  8. mewcandygirl says:

    i absoultley love her curly mohawk. her hair is amazing short. i even cut mine short like her and sometimes have that mohawk thingy but i really dont think its ALL her real hair.
    she probably has bits of weave put in otherwise with all the work that does (touring, videos….) her hair would be fucked. :)

  9. PlatinumLuvXoXo says:

    This is a great vid. I absolutely LOVE her styles. BUT you said she’s “the only black female artist with her original hair”. She actually has pieces added into alot of the short hairstyles – mainly for volume, fullness..and sometimes length. Jus a lil fyi ;-)

  10. nameght12 says:

    i like her mohawk

  11. Saed11212 says:

    so she decided to to take Kelis’ look SMFH

  12. Saed11212 says:

    so she decided to to take Kelis’ look SMFH

  13. Cristianandtupac says:

    i just googled it and yes i know they were comparing her to beyonce and christina milan thats why she decided to get her own style and i love it

  14. kedaonlywant1 says:

    Where did you find that last photo wow lol do you remember when she first came out she had the brown long tracks her first video/album I think the media wanted her to look that way i think she must have which lables and was able to do her own thing

  15. Cristianandtupac says:

    just ignore them =)

  16. JustSmilinn says:

    I LOVE how she changes her hair.

    All the other people who supposedly ”HATE” are just jealous because they don’t have..
    Such a..
    Because they care SO MUCH about what other people think.
    Shit, if you want to shave your head go ahead.
    Don’t let ANYONE stop you from being YOU.
    And there’s always someone who will. =]

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