Rihanna’s Hairstyles over the Years June 2010 Update!

Here is a short video with all of Rihanna’s ssexy and hot hairstyles. Amazingly, she pulls off almost all of them. Dont cha just love riri??

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  1. Lynnette Southwood says:

    Out of curiosity, why would you feature a Miley Cyrus song for a Rihanna
    montage? I would have loved to use this video in an article but…Miley?

  2. xxxxbrowniexxxx says:

    love the vid :) great job she is amazing, she looks soooo damn fine with
    every hairstyle. but i don’t really like red hairs :/ maybe i need little
    more time to get used to it lol

  3. MissezYouAlreadyKno9 says:

    Love the one at :56

  4. hjhasjkd2 says:

    @lynnettesouthwood I dont actually know why. I geuss this song was in the
    right format for the program I used and all my rihanna songs where in
    different formats.

  5. MrNagrom124 says:

    Good video, she has had to many hairstyles for in the internet in my
    opinion. So no big deal if some are left out. The black wit blue and blond
    in it was the coolest to me.

  6. parkerjanise says:

    @lynnettesouthwood i was going to say the same thing

  7. 101candlelight says:

    Rihanna looks beautiful as usual, love all her hair styles

  8. 1superb2 says:

    she is beautiful!! I love all hairstyles:X

  9. xxreadyyfreddyyxx says:

    i like short hair best on her, long hair just isnt edgy enough

  10. Syd isn't here says:

    love it…actually i think the best style was… black hair with some
    bright blue highlights and one bold white…!

  11. MsTeeJay6268 says:

    i luv rihanna’s hair short,but i dont care for the red hair..

  12. Juliƫn Bernard says:

    1:13 Sexiest ;D

  13. DarwinRowell says:

    there still some other hairstyles u forgot but Great Job really good vid

  14. thedarksaviour755 says:

    Rihanna looks AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL in all of them!!!

  15. IMVUtheLegendhasit says:

    Rihanna has perfectly shaped lips…Cute girl can wear any look..

  16. bawain says:

    please i want the link of the picture at 0:55

  17. Trishanna Robertson says:

    Rihanna Is beautiful!

  18. ILoveRihannaSoMuch says:

    Rihanna, I Love You!

  19. HipHopHottie927 says:

    wouldnt you have wanted to put on one of hers songs and not miley
    cyrus/?!?! epic faill!!

  20. hjhasjkd2 says:

    @thedarksaviour755 agreed!

  21. debraa45 says:

    i love those hair escially 1:02

  22. hjhasjkd2 says:

    @DarwinRowell Thankyou :D Oh Sorry, haha i tried my best. :D

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