Rihanna style with Half wig- No shaving!!

This video is about How to || Shaved side without shaving or weaving- Half wig The wig is the Freetress fullcap Drawstring Sante Fe Girl wig, and the one in …
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  1. Racheal Obaseki says:

    Would this work with weave?

  2. luna fbi says:

    omg, you did that!! love it.

  3. EricaYE6 says:

    I wanna try this style. I’ve always admired Rihanna’s rebellious
    hairstyles but I’m just too chicken to shave my head. lol Thanks for
    showing us an alternative!

  4. BnitaSoUnique says:

    Does it have to be a curl half wig? I want to do this style with a straight
    half wig for my birthday 3/23

  5. Olivia B says:

    Thanks for sharing this Video. I love. It’s very fitting on you. 

  6. Hunni Luv says:

    Love it! Definitely will be trying.

  7. Sherry D says:

    Very cute…never thought to use my half wig this way…will try! ;D

  8. Anushka Jagger says:

    wow!! i love it but what about if u have long hair :/

  9. Tamara nonya says:

    Yes girl u did dat

  10. mya allrich says:

    Yes u just gave hope u did that 

  11. Daina Trevor says:

    very nice! well done! you look great! 

  12. laroza gant says:

    Yeap! She did that! 

  13. Aatoya Diaz says:

    Girl yes!!!!! Great job

  14. Frances Bessie says:

    oh, love it soo much. so cute. <3

  15. Shanice X says:


  16. cherry Berry says:

    Girl, you are a genius! After I watch the video, I tried on a full wig and
    did this style in 2 1/2 minutes! OMG!!! This is awesome!

  17. Ericka Williams says:

    I would like to know if you have a tut for the makeup you’re wearing in
    this video? Also great idea without having to cut your hair or glue a 27
    piece to make the short edges.

  18. Rhaiza Padilla says:

    Perfection you just made this look so easy

  19. Diamond Kha'tor says:

    Did you use edge all through out your hair?

  20. Kat Ra says:

    Too cute

  21. MrZKahadijah says:

    DAMNNNNN… i wanna try thiss!!

  22. gigi t says:

    this came out hot. good job!

  23. Ifuewla Hendricks says:

    Cute but very sloppy!

  24. terena29 says:




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