Rihanna Inspired Hair Part 4

Last part of the video I was having technical difficulties sorry!!! ( = Long quick weave coming soon!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 718robin says:

    That hair cut is so super cute and funky!!! Hip and stylish. That reminded me of when I’m in the mirror cutting my own hair…inch by inch. Thanks for sharing, terrific job on the cutting. Peace and prosperity.

  2. Nicole Robertson says:

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t look good. It looks uneven and damaged. It looks home made

  3. Melva de jesus says:

    Mega Like!!!!

  4. Tiara Henry says:

    wow that looks really good on you

  5. Jennifer Zack says:

    You did a Great job!!! ur hair looks Gorgeous!!

  6. Daniel Mateo says:

    More Alicia Keys than Riri

  7. ashinelson7 says:


  8. Trustin Jesus says:

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  9. maryjane baby says:


  10. simplycharming46 says:

    So cute!!

  11. Weslley Viana says:

    I loved this hair is perfect

  12. shilenecr1 says:

    Love it! Thx for the tutorial

  13. mara1428 says:

    You have a huge head.

  14. khokolatekisses31 says:

    What brand of hair is that?

  15. khokolatekisses31 says:

    I luv luv luv it!!!

  16. mara1428 says:

    Lovely! how long does this style last? you are so talented!

  17. Diane Cato says:

    What kind of comb are you using?

  18. Weslley Viana says:

    lindaaaa, arassouuuu

  19. StyledByRell Relly says:

    Love it very cute style.

  20. YvetteWillis1 says:

    o.o  I thought that was all your hair it looks amazing!

  21. Kendra Onley says:

    I think you did a wonderful job, it looks very natural, thanks for sharing.

  22. Im GOOD says:


  23. Myshutap Pratt says:

    i jus want u to no dat u did an awesome job on tha tutorial…my hair is short also an i didnt no u cud be so creative…i also didnt no dat u cud shape an clean up a short cut with an eyebrow archer???lol…GREAT JOB

  24. KimChi Bey says:

    Great job!

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