Rihanna Inspired Hair Cut

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  1. Laura Kittie says:

    you destroyed your hair why would you cut all that off to add extensions !

  2. June Bugg says:

    +Laura Kittie , its her life , her hair… she can do what she wants…
    She doesn’t need your negative comments..
    So please don’t hate… 

  3. MortemDomine says:

    Hey! I love this look, could you get a similar look without the extensions?

  4. gabygza84 says:

    looks good!

  5. MeowingDottedFoxyCat says:

    I’ll be going to the hairdressers on Tuesday and I was just looking at some
    haircuts and this one is a must have for me. Just thought I’d share that

  6. June Bugg says:

    You look amazing !!!!
    Ignore the haters !!!!! :-) . 

  7. Precious Owen says:

    Waooo, really nice. 

  8. Bernisha Dumas says:

    Yasss ! Now can you show me how I can put a wig on with my hair like this
    or a sew in 

  9. RiRi Ray says:

    I fricken love it just cut my hair like thisi today its awesome u rock it

  10. patricia schafer says:

    Girl you are FEARLESS . awesome , you got total control of your hair , you
    did a great job

  11. Bianca Nicole says:

    Except I’m natural and I don’t have extensions but this is a good idea !

  12. Chloe Daniels says:

    you’re talented!

  13. theRowmio says:

    you look absolutely amazing. such a beauty !!

  14. Shay Ashford says:

    gurl It looks Super Great u go girl!!!! thank u!!!

  15. Kesala Bradley says:

    Great explanation on your tutorial! Follow me on Instagram

  16. brownchevon1 says:

    I just got my hair cut short for the first time and now I wanna go shorter
    and do this style!! Mine is similar to this but I love how low yours is..
    I’m gone get scissor happy too!! 

  17. france kibanze says:

    lov u

  18. Skarr Kaeo says:

    You did an amazing job!

  19. SweetRamblus says:

    Beautifully done! You have an amazing talent.

  20. Rhanecia Borders says:

    .ii love your hair so much ii recently just cut my hair n ii wish ii can
    style my hair like yours it so beautiful ..hopefully I will teach myself
    how 2 style it 

  21. Regina James says:

    Get it girl you did that!!! they don’t show you that in beauty school, love
    it you can show me anything about hair

  22. Rana R says:

    I absolutely love it! 

  23. MzAbby Moncure says:

    Just <3 this on YOU ! YOU definitely rock that and I wished that I could do
    mines like that but I’ll leave that 4 YOU to continue as YOU share that
    with others as they come to learn how to do that. GIrl…. I’ve truly
    enjoyed this and @ THUMBS UP…. 4 its all that !!! :) 

  24. Natalie Gibbs says:


  25. Mualimu Mfumu Mathukulu says:

    You look fantastic talented and absolutely unique, 100% beautiful I
    definitely love you…

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