Rihanna Inspired 80′s Curly Up-Do Hairstyle

Clip In Hair Extensions & Foxy Eyelashes from: FoxyLocksExtensions.com Products used Foxy Locks clip in extensions (Imogen Blonde, Deluxe): FoxyLocksExtensions.com Babyliss Curling Wand Fructis volume bamboo hold hairspray Blonde hair grips Charles Worthington heat defence spray Twist & Bend black hairband on.fb.me Pink & white hair tie: bit.ly Got questions? TALK to me on Twitter: twitter.com My Blog: imogenfoxylocks.blogspot.com My Facebook www.facebook.com . Nail Polish: Pink Creme by Nubar: bit.ly Gold Ring: www.angiegooderhamstore.com Music by: Facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. thelastdays96 says:


  2. Cica2202 says:

    hello my name is Viki, I from Ukraine, I very like your blog, you are a very beautiful girl!!!
    For me to you question, if I will order hair from Foxy Locks . how much will cost delivery to Ukraine? and what size of hair for you? write to me please :)

  3. musicismylife5561 says:

    You are Beautiful!! I am so jealous! and your hair is gorgeous as well!!

  4. bennettserena says:

    its not just Americans, new zealanders call them bobby pins too

  5. Julia Messi says:

    true! SO AGREED. !

  6. 1997pinkforever says:

    Your voice and you are both beautiful make up tutorial please

  7. UllccyHeartsYouu says:

    I honestly think your video is way too long and boring but its actually really helpful! Youre beautiful and the look is awesome:)

  8. TaAzNyY says:

    what if i have longer hair ? can i still do this hairstyle or will it loo, completly different ? :S

  9. ElenaAppletree says:

    love that. and your voice is so beautiful*-*

  10. kayla89286 says:

    Can someone help what to wear with this look? For school…

  11. chica23245 says:

    Love it…going to 80s prom. Going to try it.  Thank you…:)

  12. gracefullymaddy says:

    does this work with longer hair?

  13. sehenna568 says:

    you can get them from newlook or somewhere ;) x they dpnt cost too much, from £2.50- around £5? :) hope i helped xx

  14. livergirl87 says:

    it’s only americans who call them bobby pins, everyone i know in uk calls them kirby grips, why kirby i don’t know, maybe it’s a northern thing

  15. kaitlynandpaige11 says:

    u r so pretty! are those fake eyelashes?

  16. TheMarmar1999 says:

    you look like jade from victorious

  17. bumbleberry77 says:

    Bobby Pins…

  18. 3DMadnesss says:

    That’s gorgeous !

  19. laseantekimble509 says:

    Kqutee : )

  20. HollieJacobBlack says:

    I call them ‘Hair Grips’ too, I thought I was the only person in the world that didn’t call them ‘Bobby Pins’

  21. ElectricRoses85 says:

    Where’d you get that white flowery headband?!?! It super adorable!:)

  22. frawelati says:

    simple an nice <3
    thank u:)

  23. MrsBieberluver3194 says:

    ur very pretty

  24. alannanichole93x says:

    When you put the curling wand upside down its a little easier… but i seriously love this hair style.:)

  25. mrsmozzarella says:

    I just love that you call them “hair grips,” cute!

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