Recycle Your Weave the Beyonce Way

In this video, I’m inspired to recreate a Beyonce hairstyle using a matted old synthetic wig. This wig does not have drawstrings (which would have made this process easier). Recycling is taking a product that is no longer useful and reconstructing it into something of value. *Special Note* This is a good protective style that will last 3-7 days depending on your daily activity, like exercising. Music: Beyonce ‘Upgrade U’
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. bluemazepen says:


  2. blacklily624 says:

    Thanks =)

  3. BeesOHoney says:

    @blacklily624- Sorry about that hon. Around 2:41 I place the wig over my ponytail (I lay 1 to 2 inches of the front of the wig against my head above my ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Then I put more pins around the back and fluff the hair out) I hope that helps a bit. <3

  4. blacklily624 says:

    do you have a video showing how you made your weave into a ponytail?? i still don’t know how you created it =(

  5. prettylala17 says:

    that was not pretty to me i think you could have done your ponytail alittle better

  6. BeesOHoney says:

    @RegrowingRene101- Aren’t they? lol I look to my old weave whenever money’s tight or if I’m in a rush to go out. Thanks for commenting. :)

  7. RegrowingRene101 says:

    I often use my old weave as ponytails too…there lifesaves…

  8. BeesOHoney says:

    @Licklems83- Thanks :)

  9. Licklems83 says:

    haha cute!

  10. BeesOHoney says:

    @twistidbitch480- *Cheshire cat smile* Thank you. Someone told me I favor KR a few days ago too. :)

  11. twistidbitch480 says:

    ur so pretty :) u kinda remind me of Kelly Rowland :)

  12. BeesOHoney says:

    Oh my gosh, many thanks! :)

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