Quick, Easy Beyonce ‘Single Ladies’ Video Bouffant Hair Style Tutorial

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. richarthhh says:

    precioso pelo rubio

  2. Thugchikk says:

    love it

  3. sosofine06 says:

    can you plzzzzzzzz make a tuto for beyonce haircut at 3.26min? I love it and I think you’d be able to do it very well. thank you. nice tuto tho! thank you

  4. EmzdaRava says:

    This is definitely my favorite :) its so simple but looks amazing, well done on getting to your 100th video! Keep the good work up! I actually love coming on YouTube an seeing that you have uploaded a new video, You def need to do another fashion haul soon aswell x

  5. 2306BeBe says:

    super duper cute on you! love love love.

  6. MisterMonty01 says:

    Wow your really stunning! (:

  7. zahraa548 says:

    you still beautiful as ever<3

  8. Larisiahott says:

    you’re perfect!!

  9. louseurify says:

    thanks really pretty <3 :)

  10. JazzyBooxX33 says:

    i feel like you just sit at home all day and try and create new hairstyles lol

  11. ofirpalomo says:

    you are so pretty :) 

  12. AG67768 says:


  13. AG67768 says:


  14. AG67768 says:


  15. MegaNasinka says:

    wow girl you are soo cool and butiful you are amazing

  16. heichals says:

    can it also work without hair spray?

  17. STANDAARD979 says:


  18. sofiash says:

    Your make up is so great!!!You should do a make up tutorial too.And of course you are very beautiful.

  19. GeaAy says:

    i love your hair!!! please tell me u wear extensions ^^

  20. silverhawksjourney says:

    this rocked

  21. lollah1986 says:

    so pretty

  22. HannieeeBananieee says:

    your hair teases way easier than mine. mine just wont tease, i have to spray and backcomb and spray and backcomb… :( but i LOVE this hairstyle. big hair <3

  23. MAGHREB34 says:

    You are very beautiful and BARBiE ! <2

  24. darlene0266 says:

    I love your videos

  25. funkyliciousD says:

    I am sooo in love with your haircolour! Do you bleach your hair? What do you tell your hairdresser?

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