Psychic Bob’s Haircut Experience!

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  1. spiritchannel says:

    Thanks! :) 

  2. Electricca2 says:

    fab hair cut bob x

  3. allisonforfornsed says:

    “you gonna have lice haircut.” LOL…but love the video anyway, thank you! lots of fun as always :)

  4. nathandavidsmommy says:

    I love your new do… very handsome ;) 

  5. ShenShennerstein says:

    No way! Grey is distinguished! <3

  6. NinjaCthulhu says:

    Well you look better!

  7. angelsteve41 says:

    That’s a great haircut Bob! Love it! Many blessings!

    Love & Blessings,

  8. Ladybard2012 says:

    Thats a fantastic haircut. Peace and light. Amanda

  9. CutsieMorbid says:

    You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your trip to the salon with us.

  10. spiritchannel says:

    I wish I could hire Tony to wash my hair every single day–it is so luxurious! Thanks for your kind support! :)

  11. spiritchannel says:

    Next time I am going to have my hair colored–way too much grey showing these days! LOL!

  12. spiritchannel says:

    So glad you came along with me. :)

  13. spiritchannel says:

    Short hair is a must in the summer where I live! Thanks for watching!

  14. spiritchannel says:

    I seriously thought about a radical haircut–spiked and dyed aqua blue! LOL!

  15. spiritchannel says:

    Hi Thanks, glad you enjoyed by haircut video! Yes–Mermaids are real! I will soon do a video on this as well. Keep watching!

  16. spiritchannel says:

    Thank you! So glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for the kind words. :)

  17. spiritchannel says:

    I love having my hair done–it is a real luxury! So glad you enjoyed this!

  18. spiritchannel says:

    Thanks, Angelica! Got your message. Will contact you later today. :) Thanks!

  19. spiritchannel says:

    Andy–LOL! Thanks! ;)

  20. Tardolus says:

    geez, I totally love the feeling when they wash my hair/head, feels so good =) PS. Looks GREAT!

  21. missallaroundcrazy says:

    I love the new haircut bob! Great to see a nice change :)

  22. EranthisLunaria says:

    I enjoyed the salon time, thanks for sharing :3

  23. nickyaheart says:

    I want to cut my hair. always keep it short

  24. squito94 says:

    Hey Bob nice haircut. I have a question about mermaids. I just saw a show on them on the animal planet claiming that their real but the government is supposedly covering it up. Could you do a video on that topic? I’m sure if you can talk to spirit why not mermaid spirits? Thanks.

  25. fairy20tails says:

    looks great!

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