Kim Coles #9 in 50by50video series – MY 9 month-a-versary NATURAL HAIR

I’m celebrating my 9th month free of my micro-braided extensions that I wore for over 20 years! I feel free and I’m so grateful to have been accepted into the beautiful community of naturalistas. YOU are my inspiration! xoxoxoxox, KIM FOUND THE EARRINGS:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 1danichris says:

    Do your thang and keep rocking that natural hair

  2. Naptural4Life says:

    Love those earrings too!!!!!

  3. Naptural4Life says:

    Kim, you look fab! Go sistah!!!

  4. lit26 says:

    This is amazing!!!

  5. Dontboxmein7 says:

    Your earrings are wearing earrings! Soooo cute!

  6. twinkle817 says:

    I want the ear-rangs!

  7. Yackimot says:

    Love the hair and earrings!

  8. ibyl says:

    I LOVE your hair and i LOVE those earrings! Fabulous!

  9. Barginjunkie69 says:

    you look great Kim ~

  10. makingthebook2 says:

    OMG those earrings are sooo

  11. EliciousFlava says:

    Congrats on ur progress and u r beautiful. Love u and wish u the best.

  12. ambreice2 says:

    beautiful [ period ]

  13. hawttamale88 says:

    you are a beautiful person inside and out

  14. TheCatsLastWord says:

    You can use the made up terms” lunaversary” or “mensiversary” :)

  15. petrina1970 says:

    @therealkimcoles AMEN

  16. Dyicefulbeauty says:

    i love the video. your tooo funney/silly congrats on you 9 months

  17. MahoghanyBlu says:

    YESSSSSSS!!!! I LOVE THIS! You are gorgeous –Congrats on your 9 months :)

  18. LaRecessionistaFiles says:

    I Love you!! Such a sweetie!

  19. Beesexy2 says:

    Congrats! I will be 1 month natural next week and I love it. Love your earrings!

  20. BlkBrbe96 says:

    Congrats Chica wow time flys it’s been 9 months already, seems like yesterday you announced you were going natural. You go girl!!!

  21. ADeliciousMess says:

    Kim…………….. You are soooooooooo inspiring and sooooooo beautiful inside and out.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. :)

  22. aubrown says:

    You’re Beautiful! I love the earrings they are so cute :D

  23. YummyChoco1 says:

    Earrings are nice!!

  24. ldyluv6988 says:

    Congrats!!!Its a great feeling!.Happy Naturalversary Ms.Kim!

  25. dabriahb says:

    Why does Raven Simone remind me so much of Kim Coles?

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