JUJU hair straight – Step by Step TUTORIAL

www.sonjaskygatlin.com http JuJu Hair Co’s Natural Curly Hair. www.jujuhair.com —— 18ins 2 packs = 8oz. Tutorial on how to straighten curly hair. SHOUT OUTS TO: Dreaontv/Luvtheskinurin, PhillyDiva19154,& MSM72685. They are my reasons for trying this hair please check out their videos. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK =). SUBSCRIBE!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! thanks ~ Sonja
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  1. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - 5ft

  2. Mai Lynn says:

    how tall are you becuz if i get 18 inch can look really long on u but might look a little shorter on me nd i want my hair to look really long.!

  3. BFF4always1 says:

    i want a weave

  4. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - yes

  5. MiszRosay1 says:

    after you str8en it do u just wet it to get it curly again?

  6. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - if you want a high pony tail it would depend on two things: weaving mechanism and how much hair you have in the back. Most girls don’t have a lot. I don’t suggest ponytails because they break hair off. I don’t wear high ones. Low ones I wear sometimes.

  7. kendrawilliams1999 says:


  8. TheLovelyoverload says:

    omg, thnx u rok!<)

  9. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - with a razor. I will show my youtubies in a week when I do another weave.

  10. TheLovelyoverload says:

    how did you cut ur bangs?

  11. simplyext says:

    I was really impressed! I have videos on Seamless Hair Extensions application and removal my youtube channel is simplyext.

  12. bwezzy1 says:


  13. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - I did that on another video

  14. irocallday24 says:

    why dont you blow dry it straight ? I have the same hair and thats what my mom does lol >.< seems easier I guess

  15. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - just knot sealer…keeps in from shedding.

  16. OhSoOrels says:

    what do you mean by sealing the weft?

  17. avalachelleee says:

    what site did you order your hair from ?

  18. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - yes. full head.

  19. Chelsea J says:

    is that a sew in ??

  20. sonjaskygatlin says:

    - 2 packs. I would suggest 1 or 1/2 packs not 2 packs. I had too much hair. And don’t cut the weft unless you plan on sealing the ends =)

  21. rica4lyfe says:

    how many packs you used?

  22. Yem4Yom says:

    but do the curls go back? i got juju hair n right now im confused

  23. sonjaskygatlin says:

    @santailmarie – I will try to get some Flexi Rods. I usually don’t use rollers because it only takes 5 mins to curl. But I’m excited to try Flexi Rods so look for a video soon.

  24. santailmarie says:

    Can you make a video using flexi rods?

  25. sonjaskygatlin says:

    @renee304 – I just finished your videos. uploading as I type =). Thanks for watching and I did pick up some tips from your videos. Nicely done. I will be doing more styling videos but I’m getting ready to start my last semester of my undergrad. So I’m trying to get in as my video request as I can. Hope all is well and keep watching!

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