1. dominiquegirl2007 says:

    Man I like this hair style. Gwen girl you have mad skills with them marcel irons

  2. silverlady74 says:

    you go girl !!!

  3. neceej says:

    Uhhhhhhh…I don’t want to step on anyone toes, but I am a Cosmetology Instructor and I must say something….Ms. Gladys, she may have been wrong when it came to her random approach, when curling from top to bottom, but that is how students are now being taught, it is called curl placement.

  4. crazedgemini28 says:

    Man you are the business. Where do you live

  5. HeavenSent510 says:


  6. MsCardigan1 says:

    Love it!!!

  7. Gladys Seac says:

    dont take me wrong you do a great job but be prof begin from bottom to top. good job!!

  8. Gladys Seac says:

    thats not how to do hair. you start at the bottom, and end at the top. so learn from your mistake

  9. SuperDollfacediva says:

    loving this very nice

  10. redlibra927 says:

    i freakin looooove marcels im lookin for a gooood set tho…any suggestions

  11. 23Shantaa305 says:

    what brand marcels do u use?

  12. ashlie16 says:

    tooo cute

  13. QUEENTHICK007 says:


  14. arikhayilin says:

    its beautiful the part is just a little wide

  15. xDestinyCharisma says:

    Working the hell out of those curlers….Go hard.

  16. ebonyshari says:

    love it!

  17. cuteyounglady1 says:

    where is your shop located ?

  18. Shorty111ist says:

    I really need to know where you located, I am going to Tyler Perry Play this weekend and will love to have one of your styles on my head, Quick weave with invisible part, how can I get intouch with you…………

  19. desariec says:

    wish you lived in saginaw mi!!! they need hairstylist like you.

  20. Spirituallady85 says:

    Now that was off the hook, you go gurl.. loving it.

  21. MISSBREEDLOVE03 says:


  22. GwenBrewer1 says:


  23. GwenBrewer1 says:


  24. GwenBrewer1 says:


  25. GwenBrewer1 says:


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