How to Sew in A Hair Weave

Sewing in my sisters weave Sewing Technique by candytt – go check her out! this is my second time sewing in a weave Weave Used: Bijoux Super Platinum 12in #2 I am in no way affiliated with Bijoux Hair company or any other products used in this video
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. berniceokoniha12 says:

    What color is it

  2. november1503 says:

    My name angela and how much you charge for the 504 305 75 23 can call me and tell me

  3. ToxicKisses315 says:

    cute! love the length too!


    Hello girl, you okay? mine I loved that look that you created in this girl. I just want to know where I can find that needle, because here in Brazil, I do not find in any way, all I saw here that break very easily, and that makes me very frustrated. And I wonder if that hair you put in is fully human or customer is 100% human or synthetic?? thank you for your attention my name E-mail/facebook Jefferson. kisses bye.

  5. 810homie says:


  6. TheShayshay2009 says:

    That was really cute!!

  7. MRSMCCLAIN22 says:


  8. akimit1114 says:

    wow u sure this was your 2nd time? it turned out great.

  9. somiweerani says:

    lets get Asian ladies # #

  10. AbigayleAbril says:

    If you can meet naughty women

  11. Collette Oliver says:

    Wow that turned out really great!

  12. OzelleDara says:

    thanks ill try the skinny braid next time :)
    and yeah i dont use braiding hair anymore
    only cause i cannot braid with weave lol
    my mom did the braiding there & stopped braiding for me all together
    thanks though check out my new channel plz
    the screen name is YounginWeaveADDICT

  13. Brownocean says:

    I thing you should use less braiding hair to minimize the bulkiness. I know you won’t see it but still. No glue if you can help it. Just put a skinny skinny thin braid around the leave out.
    None the less the hair looks GREAT

  14. OzelleDara says:

    your welcomee :)

  15. walerbear says:

    You did a really good job! I’m about to be fiften in a couple of days and I just started doing hair like 2 months ago, this really helped me with how I do my sew-ins… thanx.!.:)

  16. OzelleDara says:

    thank you
    you put the needle in the weft first then you start to sew under the braids
    after that you dont need to put the needle in the weft anymore
    you can look at my romance curl encore hair video to see a clip of me sewin it in
    and yeah girll that was only my 2nd time at that moment :)

  17. deedeelovesyou1 says:

    Girl you did a real good job bt I got a 2 question.
    You put the needle in the weft right? (some one told me no)
    Do you sew in or under the braids…
    p.s yu sure thats olny your second

  18. OzelleDara says:

    thank you

  19. yoshow08 says:

    thatss pretty good

  20. monique mobley says:

    dont be afraid to trim the ends of the hair it makes it look neater….

  21. OzelleDara says:

    thanks.. florida

  22. bebe123983 says:

    gud job where u live

  23. msualumni2006 says:

    thanks ill try that

  24. OzelleDara says:

    you shouldnt have to sew more than one track onto one “braid line” cause that can cause the weave to look bumpy (and thats not a good look lol) but if you want it full just sew the tracks closer so you have more room for more tracks. also i recommend 2 bags to have a full head

  25. msualumni2006 says:

    hey great video have a question I tried to do sewin but it wasnt full i had only used one bag, but I wanted to know when you are sewing the tracks in do you add more than one track to each braid to make it full?

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