How To Do Beyonce Hair – Models’ Corner S01E3/6

Do you love Beyonce’s gorgeous bouncy curls? In this episode of Models’ Corner, Annaliese tells you how to get Beyonce’s iconic afro look easily at home. Sub…

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  1. Videojug says:

    Glad you like the video Charley. Next week Annaliese will be telling you
    how to get Tyra Banks cheek and lip´╗┐ look. Stay tuned!

  2. hipretty says:

    Annaliese!!!! Yay blue magic… old school goodies!!! :-D D but hairspray?
    :-p hairspray always makes my soft defined curls, frizzy and nasty after
    being out awhile.

  3. tantivymuckermaffikk says:

    The face, the hair, the accent. Perfect.

  4. beckybecks20 says:

    This girl is beautiful!

  5. Charley May says:


  6. Stacey Romanoff says:

    you are beautiful) i like your hair thanks for your video!

  7. Kelsey Lee says:

    I LOVE Annaliese! I’ve seen her since her start on ANTM, and her
    personality is FAB, not to mention she is insanely gorgeous! I hope to see
    Annaliese in more than just these videos!

  8. Videojug says:


  9. Videojug says:

    Woop woop! Next week it’s Tyra Banks’ cheek bones – it’s gonna be good! :-)

  10. Ayan H says:

    I cant wait for the next episode:)

  11. mikdu1 says:

    my life is complete!! first to see this vid!!

  12. Pranav Phadke says:

    5th like 16th view!!!

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