Hairstyles – Create Rihanna Style Curls

To view the next video in this series click: This video will show how to create Rihanna style curls for your hair.

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  1. Saed11212 says:


  2. xalimo13 says:

    dang..the girl is well ugly my god

  3. pambears1 says:

    @marionseow hahahaha yes she does :D I was like wtf .. ur getting riris
    make up and hairstyle :D be happy :D

  4. smileygurl91 says:

    @alexvalstef2 LOL smart ass! Love it! lol

  5. simoonluv says:

    she eh.. looks very happy

  6. cookielcious347 says:

    what is this fuck this ugly shit

  7. leni03alves says:


  8. Heather Gluckman says:

    Oh. My. God. VICTORIAN!!!

  9. Bonita Lovesyouxox says:

    lmao,mann i feel bad for the model

  10. Cierra Foster says:

    @marionseow IKR i was just saying that! like why does she look so unhappy??

  11. Talithapraiz says:

    why is this model sooooooo sad? I feel sorry for her. also,

  12. Lakeya s says:


  13. melissa lamisere says:

    i feel bad for her. she look like she wana bite that lady head off

  14. TokioHotel589 says:

    I Think i understand why that model look so sad/angry That Hair Look Like

  15. Nikki98s says:

    The model looks pissed :L

  16. MizzEP2010 says:

    look um kind neat

  17. Sophie D. says:

    How shit.

  18. iloveJLS17 says:

    the model is fit ;)

  19. MyInnerBeaute says:

    this chick looks PISSED! she’s probably like “Damn girl stop pullin my hair
    like tht!” the stylist is goin at it kinda rough!

  20. dangerironjunkie says:

    You’re not supposed to put oil on hair before straightening or putting heat
    on it. It basically fries it. I can see why the girl looks so mad.

  21. Alex Kessler says:

    3:22 LOL

  22. blowdry2006 says:

    I love the way she moves her head !!

  23. allysmummy8113 says:

    @marionseow lol true dat my girl fix yuh rass face

  24. sassyshay3 says:

    OMG these comments had me in tears.

  25. shaniq14able says:

    TF wrong wid Carla’s face? lmao

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