Fake an Edgy Rihanna Short Hair Cut Tutorial

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MissReesesCup says:

    Matter of fact yu could be one of their sister’s

  2. MissReesesCup says:

    Yu look like china mcclain’s sister the oldest one…who is pretty by the
    way lol…;)

  3. amayramlew says:

    Great hairstyle! Thx!

  4. Jules Robinson says:

    Love this! Wouldn’t work to well on my hair though.

  5. nina maxx says:

    love it

  6. Maria Natalia Valencia Noriega says:

    wow i can do it in home but i HATE cut my long hair

  7. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @antanique18 thank you

  8. vixen978 says:


  9. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @Chyna00Chyna thank yoouu :)

  10. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @MissQueenTheFab thanks :) )

  11. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @ISB223 I would love to see your results !

  12. lara11594 says:

    omg thanks for this vid! i want to cut my hair like this but not sure if it
    will go with me…im going to try it like this first:D

  13. youaremyredeemer2011 says:

    I def wanna try this wit a sewin or my transitioning hair good job that is
    so cute can’t wait to try it

  14. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @BeautifulMistake1994 thank you !

  15. TheReal Amoni says:

    How to get the frist look

  16. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @poilpanne i just leave it in

  17. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @lara11594 ohh yay :)

  18. Missedwards17 says:

    dat was sooo cute nd different. im going to try it and see how mines turn

  19. skategoddess123 says:

    What is your natural hair type?

  20. Ryley Dinan says:

    i hate this damn song.

  21. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @CriscianaLovely no ALL THE CURLS were not from braids. the only style tht
    was achieved with braids were the pictures in the grey crewneck all the
    other pictures were from BANTU KNOTS. the BIGGER your knots the less curly
    they will be they will be waves like the pictures with the blue shirt the
    SMALLER your knots the curlier yur bang

  22. Gabriella Cruz says:

    whats the song?

  23. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @leniskim sorrry im so late but i usually wait over night the longer the
    more curly it will be and i believe it should . did you try it out yet ?

  24. Aly S says:

    Grrrrrreat tutorial!!! Awwwful song. Lol

  25. masturKEIZZtion says:

    @breezybby3 thank you !

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