Face of the day ( FOTD ) – Rhianna hairstyle w/ thick black liner

Hi everyone, this is my face of the day look. My make up is just very simply, a thick black liner and rosy cheeks. I also applied very bright red lipstick and my hair was inspired by ethovang09. This was her Rhianna hair tutorial that I took it from. I posted her site on the bottom if you want to check it out. Thank you for watching, rating and subscribing to my channel. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Ethovang09 Rhianna tutorial – www.youtube.com Also contact me on these sites: Maacey’s facebook – www.facebook.com Maacey’s twitter – twitter.com

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  1. VannersHEARTSMakeup says:

    aww u are cute

  2. ladfu2 says:

    your such a nerd ; i miss u dorkOo.

  3. MissMaaceMakeUp says:

    @ethovang09 Thanks dear, all cuz of you I’m able to do this!

  4. ethovang09 says:

    you look really good.. i’m glad you tried the hair.. it definitely suits you well..=)-ethovang

  5. MissMaaceMakeUp says:

    @linlee1382 Thanks Linda =)

  6. linlee1382 says:


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