Copy Beyonce’s Edgy Hairstyle

For more hairstyling tutorials and tips go to: Tight curls will give you instant star quality. Beyonce Knowles always look like the fiercest chick on the celebrity block. Her hair, either stick straight or edgy and curly, always looks hot hot hot. Get this diva style yourself with this easy to follow hairstyle tutorial and learn the tricks to getting Beyonce’s kinky, sexy style. Add a smoky eye to this hairstyle look to seal the “star quality” deal.

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  1. djamy100 says:

    it’s called a model?

  2. BoysAndMakeup says:

    The model looks like a younger Tyra Banks! Love the hair

  3. 1760923 says:

    Reminds me of Myriam Fares’s hair.

  4. peacelovemb1993 says:

    I think she looks better in the before picture. Naturally beautiful

  5. dadecOuntyelmO says:

    I’d rather go through all the time, trouble and heat damage than put a damn lacewig in my hair. Beyonce pays THOUSANDS of dollars for the wig alone then find a stylist than can make it appear as her real hair.

  6. LedaKhim says:

    i love it !

  7. SoullessTemptation says:

    tyra banks?

  8. Roxine9815 says:

    I think that she is not afraid of taking chances and she is a woman who knows her own strength. –> – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – -

  9. XIzumiXChanX says:

    I bet her natural hair could do that…

  10. forrest1230 says:

    @Dienilein 3/8″ equals 10mm so yes it would give you nice “afro hair” the problem is the barrel is so small that your long hair wouldnt fit around the entire barrel, but you could do the bottom half of each parted section and then the top half.

  11. Dienilein says:

    @forrest1230 I want some “Afro-hair” if you know what I mean :)

  12. Dienilein says:

    @forrest1230 Thank you! But what about a 3/8 inch curling iron? I found it in the internet – is it too small? I have also long hair…

  13. forrest1230 says:

    you can use 2 sizes. i used a 5/8″ (16mm) barrel and i also used a 1/2″ (13mm) barrel. personaly i like the 5/8″ better because i have longer hair. if you have shorter hair i would recommend the 1/2″ barrel as it will create a super tight curl or wrap. I got my irons at Sally’s beauty suppply for like $13

  14. Dienilein says:

    @forrest1230 Hey. Where did you get such a curling iron? What inch is it? Thank you :)

  15. lisalips2 says:

    i think its nice and beauiful forget the haters they mad cause they cant do it

  16. 17msflygurl says:

    he fucked her all up…i would have did a better job on her than what he did to her hair

  17. tybisha says:

    that model is PRETTY

  18. VampireArisa says:

    I wish I were half as beautiful as her.

  19. nospaces08 says:

    I’m not feeling these curls.

  20. Miqordabella says:

    1) Take a deep breath
    2) clap your hends twice
    3) think aboute some one you like
    4) copy this 2 other videos
    5) look at your hands

  21. Calpico852 says:

    wat type of curling iron is that??

  22. JulyaArt says:

    Model is beautiful…

  23. TheGemiibabii says:

    umm beyonce had this look.??

  24. forrest1230 says:

    i did my hair this way and it looks amazing!

  25. KimberlyJasmina says:

    she can beacuse she’s beautyful :P

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