Beyonce/Kim Kardashian Poofy Ponytail Inspired Hairstyle w/ MayxMay516

This is such a fun look to do if you want something very quick!!! you can definitely edge it up by making the middle section higher or changing up your jewelry! I was just getting myself ready for work :) Hope u guys enjoy! thanks LOVES

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  1. GlamMadeEZxMayx says:

    aww thanks hun! i miss my hair color! i did go dark :)

  2. SMtweet07 says:

    thanks for this! i wanted both of kim’s and beyonce’s version incorporated into one and you have it!! x
    p.s LOVE your hair colour, very beyonce <3 xx

  3. GlamMadeEZxMayx says:

    thanks hun! im glad you liked it..please subscribe and watch me other videos! I’d really appreciate it :)

  4. laurynstar says:

    Cute, very chic and sexy. You made it versatile. great job!

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