Beyonce, Ciara, Cassie, Rihanna, Alicia Keys evolving hairstyles

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  1. lavell0830 says:

    rihanna is a nasty ass infested hoe.

  2. lavell0830 says:

    i love alicia keys, she’s pretty.

  3. superbassjehv says:

    Rihanna has the best hairstyles… But Alicia Keys is cool too!!!!

  4. kelseybeatit says:

    keri hilson was in ikt to

  5. lizethfabiolah says:

    Alicia keys ♪♪ =)

  6. kyerra1997 says:


  7. cancionesbuenas says:

    Ciara is a man

  8. mzlaqt says:

    Love all these ladies. Beyonce’s hair is never ooh la la to me. Ciara- short hair… Blah.

  9. TiannaDchey18 says:

    Beyonces hair be looking a hot ass mess. Srry bt her hairstylist should be fired. That weave be naaaapy! U got too much money to be lookin like that girl!

  10. TheCrwnjwl says:

    Ciaras a little Janet. She is so gifted LOVE HER !!! . I am not a Beyonce fan, Sorry.. she is not that attractive to me and not the best singer but thats me.. Cassie is so adorable!!!.. Rihanna, is a little Diva for real.. lol
    Kerri is doing her thing!! Alicia, can’t take nothing away from her at all !!!

  11. megajustme09 says:

    nice video tight beat.

  12. nikkidabest812 says:

    ciaras new hair cut looks nice.iam not feeling cassies to much because iam not use to it but its okay. i like rhiannas new style.and i think beyonce and alicia has changed up there style the most. from braids to twist and the straight hair weaves. i like all the ladies though

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