Beyonce Box Braids (Hairstyle for under $10)

Tutorial of me braiding my hair. I used 7 and a half bags of Enstyle Super Jumbo Braid Hair. I used 3 bags of #4, 3 bags of #4/30 (mix), and 1.5 bags of #27. The length was achieved because I did not cut the hair. More videos featuring these braids:…

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  1. 11mjsmommy says:

    No. I just braided them to the ends and dipped in hot water.

  2. victoriouspassions says:

    Do you tie the ends

  3. 11mjsmommy says:

    Well… They CAN hurt if someone else’s doing it (and a lot of people think the more/harder you pull, the longer they’ll last – which is not true at all) It does not need to hurt, and since I did my hair, I didn’t hurt myself :) I consider myself tender headed as well. I took them out after a little under 2 months – they cold’ve lasted longer, but I don’t wear styles for very long. I moisturized with water and conditioner; I also shampooed and conditioned them to keep my hair and scalp clean.

  4. victoriouspassions says:

    Do they hurt I’m so tender headed

  5. victoriouspassions says:

    How long did they last and how did you moisturize

  6. 11mjsmommy says:

    No, you don’t sound crazy at all! LOL… I’ve seen that in other people too, and after looking at your channel, I agree, we do have similar features! Thanks so much, sis! ;)

  7. glisteningbee says:

    hey not to sound crazy but we look a lot alike lol another sister idk about jk. Great tut

  8. 11mjsmommy says:

    Thank you! I’m happy you liked it!

  9. 11mjsmommy says:

    You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying mine… I plan on posting a video of some styles to wear with them soon.

  10. KnikiSoKnice says:

    Thanks! i just took some micros out and i don’t have much money and i don’t wanna relax. i think i’m gonna do this tomorrow

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