❦HAIRSTYLE IDEAS: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Leona Lewis & Rihanna❦

INFORMATION IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! A special time of the year for most people, make sure you stay safe and cherish this wonderful time with your loved ones. Hope …
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  1. mazviebabie says:

    Thank you hun x

  2. 20dayonna says:

    I love your hair its so long.

  3. mazviebabie says:

    He is hardly my friend to be honest just like any other retailer l buy stuff from but l am sorry to hear about your experience. My advice to you would be raise your dispute with Paypal and let them know you didn’t get your purchase and you want a full refund. Hope it works out for you, have a great week and take care.

  4. Yoshi Zelda says:

    Hi Mazvie, I bought a wig from your Chinese friend because in your videos they always look fab and well made. Well, the guy took my money then a month later sent me a pic of wig that was nothing like what I ordered; when I pointed this out to him he stopped responding to my e-mails and has not sent my unit. Looks like I’ve been cheated out of $160 :-(

  5. mazviebabie says:

    Thank you hun and you can contact me either through youtube messaging or hairpnotyzed@yahoo.co.uk

  6. LaPita Mai says:

    I am in need of info and you are the one can assist me. I subscribed to your channel…I need in info on multiple lace wigs, in terms of color..How may I contact you through email?
    Also wanted to tell you job well done on your videos, very clean, easy to follow…You look beautiful.peace sister

  7. mazviebabie says:

    l sense a lot of anger and frustration l do hope you are ok, praying for you whoever you are and wherever you are and whatever situation you are in. l want you to know that Jesus loves you too =)

  8. Don Bannister says:

    This shit is fucking useless dummy

  9. mazviebabie says:

    Thank you hun 

  10. Mzshondagirl says:

    very nice

  11. mazviebabie says:

    Thank you hun, only the Kelly Rowland and Leona Lewis styles were the same hair and to maintain my curls l usually use either Elnet from Loreal or Garnier which have a flexible non sticky hold and a great smell. Hope that helps and thank you for watching.

  12. RobinsNest40 says:

    Hi mazviebabie! My new years resolution is to become a more virtuous woman. Also, be more on the giving end than receiving, even if its just with time and conversation, or a listening ear! Trying I become a better person because it’s contagious!! :)

  13. saraikouture says:

    Great job!! And very creative. I was surprised it was all the same hair :) what did you use to keep the curls or styles in place?

  14. mazviebabie says:

    Thank you hunni xx

  15. mazviebabie says:

    Thnk you for the lovely compliment hun x

  16. Lin07Q says:

    Very nice girl…you are working those looks…

  17. Jennifer Cynthia says:

    you hit these styles on the nail x

  18. mazviebabie says:

    Thnk you hun and l am sure it will work because your twists are a good length ;)

  19. The Divine Hostess says:

    Wow, such a good idea for a video and totally cute styles! Going to see if I can copy with my long twists. (The first one)

  20. mazviebabie says:

    Thnk you hun, just let me know when l would love to collab with you ;)

  21. mazviebabie says:

    Thnk you so much hun, l used to be useless at it..lol..hope you had a great xmas all the best for 2013 x

  22. mazviebabie says:

    Thnk you ;)

  23. Jada Kiss says:

    i love your wig collection!!!!

  24. nnj28 says:

    girl i am loving all the looks…you are a pro at curling with that flat iron! i can’t do that for nothing lol

  25. shortyde86 says:

    Awesome video! You did a great job. Hope to collab with you in the New Year! Xoxo ;-)

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